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Celtic engagement ring 14k yellow and white gold diamond round cut.
from $ 1852
official Shanore store
official Shanore store
Celtic diamond ring 14k white gold 3 stone .25ct
$ 2420
official Shanore store
official Shanore store
Ladies Celtic Recessed pressure set Diamond Wedding Ring
$ 924
official Shanore store
official Shanore store
Claddagh Silver Gold Plate Heart Pendant
$ 76
official Shanore store
official Shanore store
Mother Shamrock Pendant
$ 120
official Shanore store
official Shanore store
Claddagh Birthstone Ring - May
$ 77
official Shanore store
Posted on
Friday 1st August, 2014

Lucky Leprechauns


Do you really know what a leprechaun is? Have you ever seen one? The first time most of us ever heard of leprechauns were most likely when we were children and we were told about rainbows and how legend said … Continue reading

Posted on
Thursday 31st July, 2014

Viking Treasures Buried Beneath Dublin

The Vikings were first noticed off the shore of Ireland in AD 792. Archaeologists say they heard of this land full of gold and goods and stormed it. The records they had on hand described very large numbers of Vikings … Continue reading

One of the major budget killers on a vacation is lodging. Hostels are a cheap way to get around that hurdle, but many have reservations about their quality. At Irish Fireside, they have reviewed some up and coming hostels in … Continue reading

Do you have an eye for archaeological sites? Then the news of Irish Archaeology’s annual photograph competition will be music to your ears. And the race to find the best picture is again back on. All entries should focus on an … Continue reading


We don’t have any emerald mines, so how did Ireland get the nickname the Emerald Isle?  If you’ve ever seen a photo of Ireland, especially an aerial view, the answer seems pretty obvious.  Ireland is famous for rolling green hills, … Continue reading

Posted on
Tuesday 29th July, 2014

Dublin’s Hungry Tree: Approach at Your Peril!

Ireland is famous for its natural landscape, roaring seas and historical architecture. And out of its many wonders comes Dublin’s “Hungry Tree.” Situated on the grounds of King’s Inns, stands an ancient tree, whose real age is not truly known. … Continue reading

Shanore Celtic Jewelry

Select Shanore Celtic Irish jewelry for that momentous day in your life.

View the Shanore Collection of exquisite selection of Celtic Wedding Rings, including matching bridal wedding band sets and Celtic Bridal Jewelry.

Why not also view Shanore Celtic Jewelry's comprehensive collection of Celtic Engagement Rings.

Shanore Celtic Jewelry also has a beautiful range of Claddagh gemstone engagement rings as well.

The Shanore engagement rings collection includes Celtic Claddagh engagement ring styles and Celtic bridal engagement ring designs. All our Irish engagement rings are hand crafted and come in varying sizes. View our extensive range of Celtic engagement band sets, which can match your Celtic bridal wedding ring or Celtic bridal wedding band.

Shanore Silver offers stunning Celtic jewelry with classic styles of Claddagh jewelry and various Celtic rings.

There's more to Shanore Silver's Celtic bridal ring collection with Celtic Claddagh bridal band sets. When it comes to finding the perfect Celtic bridal ring, our collection has plenty of Celtic rings to suit you.

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