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Celtic Mount only ring 14k yellow and white gold for princess cut diamond
$ 1220
official Shanore store
official Shanore store
Diamond 14K Cluster Celtic Engagement Ring
$ 2612
official Shanore store
official Shanore store
Claddagh celtic solitaire diamond 14k yellow and white gold ring round cut.
from $ 1852
official Shanore store
official Shanore store
Claddagh Silver Gold Plate Heart Pendant
$ 76
official Shanore store
official Shanore store
Claddagh Birthstone Ring - May
$ 77
official Shanore store
official Shanore store
Mother Shamrock Pendant
$ 120
official Shanore store
Posted on
Friday 31st October, 2014

Spooky Irish Sightings


If ever in Ireland and if visiting around the time of Halloween, it would make sense to look up historically haunted places to visit. Ireland has quite an index of paranormal and ghostly sightings for those who are interested in … Continue reading

Posted on
Wednesday 29th October, 2014

Banshees and Púcas and Faeries, Oh My!

Ireland has a unique way of doing most things.  There’s something distinct about everything from our beer to our ancient ruins to our sense of humor.  Even the spooky spirits we might encounter on Samhain/ Halloween are distinctly Irish.  Many … Continue reading

Posted on
Tuesday 28th October, 2014

Beware of Banshees


There are many omens that depict death in different cultures depending on where you live. In Ireland, there is a mythological spirit known as that banshee that has long been known as a symbol for death. The story of the … Continue reading

Posted on
Friday 24th October, 2014

Kilmainham’s Guests


Ireland has quite a selection of haunted places to visit. One such remarkable place is Kilmaunham Gaol which was a former prison and has now been restored to a museum. There have been so many important people that walked the … Continue reading

Posted on
Wednesday 22nd October, 2014

The Bodies in the Bogs

Ireland can be just a tad spooky this time of year with the fog and the howling winds, but if you are passing by a bog at night, you are probably better off not thinking too much about what… or … Continue reading

Posted on
Tuesday 21st October, 2014

Remembering Hannah


There was a time when women did not have the same rights that they have today. Every year in November for the U.S. and at other times in other countries, the polls open and people over the age of eighteen,( … Continue reading

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Shanore Celtic Jewelry also has a beautiful range of Claddagh gemstone engagement rings as well.

The Shanore engagement rings collection includes Celtic Claddagh engagement ring styles and Celtic bridal engagement ring designs. All our Irish engagement rings are hand crafted and come in varying sizes. View our extensive range of Celtic engagement band sets, which can match your Celtic bridal wedding ring or Celtic bridal wedding band.

Shanore Silver offers stunning Celtic jewelry with classic styles of Claddagh jewelry and various Celtic rings.

There's more to Shanore Silver's Celtic bridal ring collection with Celtic Claddagh bridal band sets. When it comes to finding the perfect Celtic bridal ring, our collection has plenty of Celtic rings to suit you.

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