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Claddagh celtic solitaire Mount Only 14k white gold ring princess cut
$ 1220
official Shanore store
official Shanore store
Gents Gold Diamond Set Celtic and Claddagh Wedding Band
$ 1440
official Shanore store
official Shanore store
Ladies Celtic embossed pressure set Diamond Wedding ring
$ 783
official Shanore store
official Shanore store
Claddagh Silver Gold Plate Heart Pendant
$ 76
official Shanore store
official Shanore store
Claddagh Birthstone Ring - May
$ 77
official Shanore store
official Shanore store
Mother Shamrock Pendant
$ 120
official Shanore store
Posted on
Friday 18th April, 2014

The Irish Language


People who live in Ireland speak Irish as well as the English language in rare cases. This was not always the condition. Centuries ago Irish was the predominant if not only language there was in Ireland and things were much … Continue reading

Posted on
Wednesday 16th April, 2014

Young Ladies, Big Milestones and Just Right Gifts


Do you know a young lady with a big milestone coming up this spring or summer?  While birthdays fall throughout the year, spring seems to be a time with a lot of other big occasions, particularly for young people.  Perhaps … Continue reading

Posted on
Tuesday 15th April, 2014

Lovely Spring Drops


Spring time has an abundance of many things in Ireland and seasonally. We expect to see more drops of rain since we are usually spending more times outdoors after several months spent hibernating indoors.  Our friends and family drop by … Continue reading

Posted on
Friday 11th April, 2014

Perfect Pendants for Mom


We all love our mothers. They brought us into this world and gave us life. There is no better way then to show our appreciation to our mothers then by singling out a special day each year and this year … Continue reading


When most people think of mining in Ireland, they think of coal. Locals and tourists alike might think of the Agrina mines in County Roscommon, where first iron and later coal were mined.  But that might be on the verge … Continue reading

Posted on
Tuesday 8th April, 2014

A Lady Never Outgrows Birthstone Rings: April


Now is the time where the snow is officially melting or melted and the showers begin to arrive. The old adage that came along of “April showers bring May flowers” now bears it’s significance because with the flowing waters from the … Continue reading

Shanore Celtic Jewelry

Select Shanore Celtic Irish jewelry for that momentous day in your life.

View the Shanore Collection of exquisite selection of Celtic Wedding Rings, including matching bridal wedding band sets and Celtic Bridal Jewelry.

Why not also view Shanore Celtic Jewelry's comprehensive collection of Celtic Engagement Rings.

Shanore Celtic Jewelry also has a beautiful range of Claddagh gemstone engagement rings as well.

The Shanore engagement rings collection includes Celtic Claddagh engagement ring styles and Celtic bridal engagement ring designs. All our Irish engagement rings are hand crafted and come in varying sizes. View our extensive range of Celtic engagement band sets, which can match your Celtic bridal wedding ring or Celtic bridal wedding band.

Shanore Silver offers stunning Celtic jewelry with classic styles of Claddagh jewelry and various Celtic rings.

There's more to Shanore Silver's Celtic bridal ring collection with Celtic Claddagh bridal band sets. When it comes to finding the perfect Celtic bridal ring, our collection has plenty of Celtic rings to suit you.

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