5 Stone Shamrock Mothers Pendant | Design by ShanOre

5 Stone Shamrock Mothers Pendant



The Five Stone Shamrock Mother’s Pendant combines traditional Celtic symbolism with stunning personalization.

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Inspired by the Claddagh symbol this pendant necklace features two clasped hands in friendship sterling silver crown details for loyalty and devotion and hearts for love. Each sterling silver heart-shaped setting frames the birthstone of your choice to represent your loved one. At either side of the center birthstone shines a white crystal encrusted Shamrock pendant adding an extra special touch of charm.  The Shamrock pendants beautifully spacing the birthstones enhance this stunning piece.


This pendant necklace is sure to be a treasured keepsake for Mothers and Grandmothers alike who wish to wear the pride and love of five close to their heart. The Five Stone Shamrock Mother’s Pendant makes a most special gift and a truly unforgettable memory. Shamrock symbols are a staple in Irish imagery. Each of the three leaves can be for a separate idea either for The Holy Trinity past present and future or the earthly elements of land sea and sky. The Shamrock is also said to inspire good fortune and good health.

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