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Ulster’s Massive Ancient Temples

A generation ago, archaeologists discovered a complex of structures in a figure eight shape in County Armagh, Northern Ireland. The complex series of buildings dates back to the Iron Age, and researchers determined that a timber structure there was built around the year 95 BC. The find was breath-taking, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Experts heralded Fort […]

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Pick the Perfect Irish Engagement Ring

You’ve found the right woman, and you know this is it. It’s time to pop the question. That means it’s also time to find the perfect Irish engagement ring for her. Deciding to propose to your beloved is a huge decision, and planning your proposal involves more important decisions about how, when and where to […]

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Toppling Statues Before It Was Cool

We’re seeing more and more reports of protesters toppling questionable statues lately. In Ireland, we were disposing of offensive monuments long before it was cool. It’s part of our heritage that doesn’t get much attention. Nelson’s Pillar once stood in O’Connell Street, where it towered over the capital city’s widest street from 1808 to 1966 […]

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Are Irish Wildlife Living It Up While Humans Are Locked Down?

Stories of wildlife revelling in the absence of humans out and about have added some light to the heavy days of the Covid 19 pandemic. While people are staying inside their homes, venturing out only on essential errands and for a bit of exercise, wild animals everywhere have seized the day. They have ventured into […]

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Ireland’s Original Social Distancers

The Irish are known for being gregarious people, friendly and welcoming. We’re known as story tellers, and of course stories need an audience. Even in an impersonal modern world, this is a close-knit society made of communities, where neighbors have known each other for generations. The draw of the local pub isn’t the pints, but […]

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