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Keep the Wedding Bells Ringing

A lot of people think that wedding bells are only rung on your wedding day.  But an old Irish tradition says otherwise.  Ireland has two wedding bell traditions.  Church bells are rung, of course.  That started because people believed that the sound of bells scared off any evil spirits lurking around.  (You’ll have to provide… Read More »

You Know Your Mother Is Irish If…

Irish mothers are a special breed.  And Irish people are  extremely close to their mothers.  North Americans living in Ireland often have a moment of culture shock when they realize it is perfectly normal for Irish professionals to phone their mothers from work daily.  They aren’t ringing to check on any alarming medical issues.  They just know… Read More »

A Word about the Roots of Irish Design

They say talk is cheap, but the written word is another matter entirely.  Today, we have predictive text on our mobile devices and universal education and we think nothing of typing out quick comments as we skim social media throughout the day.  But our ancestors had a very different relationship with the written word.  They… Read More »