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10 Most Hated People in Irish History

Ever wondered who Ireland hates most? Well, these unlucky lads definitely made the list. First comes Diarmuid Mac Murrough, who after losing his throne asked the English to rule (bad choice). A close second, the name of Oliver Cromwell, who deported thousands of Irish slaves, appears. Lord Lucan, known as the worst landlord of the Great Hunger (and probably of all time) has honorable mention for turning out nearly 10,000 people from their homes. William Trevelyan’s name came up along the same timeline as Lucan, as he was Britain’s overseer of Ireland during the Great Hunger and said “coddling the poor” was a poor economic policy. See the full list of of Irish angst causers below.

Top ten most hated people in Irish history (PHOTOS) – IrishCentral.com.

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