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12 Reasons to Love Irish Dance for Kids

Irish dance offers a lot of benefits

If you have children and they have not yet discovered Irish dance, you might want to introduce them quickly.  Children thrive when they find an activity that captures their imaginations, and Irish dance has a way of doing just that.

Different kids enjoy different things. One child will be bored or frustrated moments into an activity that engrosses another for hours. But Irish dance offers a lot of benefits, so it is worth trying to see your children love it. Here are 15 reasons to enroll your children in Irish dance classes.

  1. Culture: Whether you have deep Irish roots or just love Irish music, Irish dance classes are a fun introduction to Irish culture for children. You don’t have to be Irish to excel at Irish dance! It’s sure to spark their imaginations about Ireland while also making them more curious about the rest of the world.
  2. Fitness: Irish dance will keep them in great shape. When you get them dancing, then you won’t have to worry when the news or the school starts in about childhood obesity.
  3. Fun: How can anything involving ceili music not be fun? Yes, they will work hard mastering the steps and routines. They’ll develop better discipline. But they’ll also have a great time.
  4. Friends: After-school activities give kids a chance to make friends beyond their schoolmates. Irish dance will introduce them to other children with families with an interest in Irish culture.
  5. 5. Adorable: Okay, children tend to look adorable all the time, and any type of dance class will provide you with endless photo ops to capture their charm. But seeing your wee one in an Irish dance costume has a special tug on your heartstrings.
  6. St Patrick’s Day: You will never again worry about entertaining them on Paddy’s Day when they are taking Irish dance. Never mind watching the parade –  they can be in the parade!
  7. Energy: Kids have an enviable amount of energy, and all parents know how destructive that can be if it isn’t channeled into something healthy. Irish dance will burn up that crazy kid energy, which will remove some stress from your life.
  8. Indoors: Imagine a healthy, active pastime you can watch indoors. Imagine their gear not being covered in mud. Sure, sports are great. But if you had to choose between shivering at the side of the soccer field and washing muddy uniforms and staying inside a warm dance studio, it isn’t hard to pick.
  9. Good Investment: Children are expensive. If you are shelling out for Irish dance lessons, you can try telling them that there’s no money left over. You might be able to dodge some of the annoying trends they’ll want to spend your money on.
  10. YouTube: Words can’t describe the relief of seeing your kids pick an Irish dance video to watch instead of gawking at some random teenagers putting slime in a blender.
  11. Grandparents: Watch those criticisms of your parenting decisions evaporate. The grandparents will delight in seeing the little ones kick up their heels. If you’re lucky, they will even offer to ferry them to and from lessons.
  12. Irish jewelry: You love it. And enrolling your child in Irish dance classes can only mean more occasions to don your favorite pieces of Irish jewelry.

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