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12 Unique Irish Christmas Gift Ideas for 2015

Do you need some great ideas for Christmas gifts? We have collected here many original, unique and completely Irish concepts. Take a look!

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Getting ready for the Christmas holiday season can be hectic especially when you have lots of people to shop for. In order to make things easier for you, we have compiled lots of different products for folks who have discerning tastes and likes. What is great about people is that they are so different and individualized, but this can make shopping for them even harder. Let us do the work for you and see the list below of twelve, very high quality products that will make the hearts and minds of those closest to you happiest this holiday season.


Elsie Sheridan is a lovely painter who specializes in Irish art. Her website, Elsie Sheridan.com, showcases various paintings and she also offers art classes near Dublin. For pricing, it is best to contact her directly. Her paintings are excellent for people who love Ireland and appreciate seeing different aspects of the country from an original vantage point.

Newbridge’s King’s Pastry Gift set runs for $122.50.

Newbridge Cutlery offers sets of cutlery from their notable King’s collection. Their website, Newbridge Silverware, displays a variety of different utensils made in a style that was specifically designed for King George III. This work is both delicate and very symbolic. People who enjoy cooking, baking and entertaining in style will delight in their cutlery pieces. Prices start at $50 and up.

The Classic Lismore Gift set priced at $116.40.

Stephen Pearce, located in Cork, highlights a classic Lismore gift set. This pottery is made stemming from Pearce’s history of working in different parts of the world and with unique individuals. This particular set of dishes runs for €79.40. A friend who likes quality craftsmanship and dishware would really value this gift. More information can be found at their website, Stephen Pearce.

“Favourite Irish Legends” for €9.99.

A great gift idea for children is a book called “Favourite Irish Legends” by Yvonne Carroll. The website, Eason, carries this book for only €9.99. Enclosed are a few of Ireland’s most legendary tales for children like, “The Children of Lir” and “The Brown Bull of Cooley.” This is ideal for parents or godparents who are looking for a gift that will teach their youngsters about Irish culture and folklore while also providing a good dose of love.

"The Guinness Story" sells for €11.99.
“The Guinness Story” sells for €11.99.

For adults who love Guinness and like to read, the book “The Guinness Story” by Edward Bourke, is a great way to appreciate love for the brew. Bourke is a writer, commonly covering shipwrecks around the cost of Ireland, but found a knack for telling the history of Guinness. At O’Brien Press, this book can be purchased for €11.99. Lovers of Irish history will relish this item and perhaps began a keen appreciation for Bourke’s others works.

This patchwork Donegal touring cap from Hanna Hats runs for €50.00.

Flat caps are a universal figment in Irish culture. They have been worn for centuries and are a very timeless symbol in fashion. One particular maker of hats, Hanna Hats.com, has produced a tweed, patchwork style for €50.  A gentleman will appreciate a gift like this which comes from a company that has been established in Ireland since the early twentieth century and has a reputation for class.


Ireland’s Showcase is a great website to see a rare and spiritual interpretation of Ireland in art. They have a kindred spirit bog oak sculpture that shows what appears to be two branches that converge into one. Made of very old wood, this piece sells for less than €200 and would make a fantastic gift for a couple or someone who has a deep appreciation for spirituality.

The perfect mixture of sweet and savoury is the “Great Taste Award Gold Hamper” which sells at €186.54.

Most people will invite an epicurean gift that contains quaint and delicious food treats. Irish Gourmet delivers with this pretty hamper filled with a vast assortment of Irish and English delicacies. Called the “Great Taste Award Cold Hamper,” this item contains a whole host of yummy goodies. Piled high are an assortment of meat and seafood, as well as fine cheeses, snacks and beverages. For less than €200, this is a favorable item that any friend would love to receive.



The Handmade Soap is a company that like all of the others was born in Ireland. Their brainchild was developed from a love of making great quality body and health care products from the beginning straight out of their home. It has since expanded into a worldwide company offering superb products that are best for sensitive bodies. Family members or friends that enjoy bath time and healthcare would savor this treat especially if they have skin reactivity. Their box of sensual delights is a great
collection of cleanser, balm and soap for less than €35.

Irish Cufflinks
Irish sixpence cufflinks with 1968 6d coins sells at $69.00.

A handmade and chic option for offering comes from upcycled, former, Irish currency. Before the day of the current exchange, pence and shillings were the common denominators for buying and selling. In an effort to keep that tradition alive, IrishCoinCufflinks.com, has formulated many nice and snazzy cufflinks which utilize this past currency in an effective, yet elegant manner. Friends who enjoy history and like a voguish dresscode will respect such a gesture. Their Irish-style cufflinks each resemble something a little bit different whether in element or time period.  Prices range from €50 and up.


Quills Woolen Market of Ireland suggests something that is iconically Irish. Aran knits are both traditional and useful for those living in colder areas. Made of merino wool and woven in patterns that are associated with Ireland, this sweater promises to be very cozy along with bringing a charming aura. For $64, a man or woman can receive this perk that will likely last a long time with proper care. See Quills Woolen Market.com for more.


Shanore’s ladies claddagh comfort fit silver ring is only $92.00 with free shipping.



Lastly, Shanore offers an entire collection of silver Claddagh rings. These rings appeal to both men and women alike while representing all things positive like loyalty, camaraderie and romance. Any one interpretation will do as with this present, it is the thought that counts the most. Whether you need a gift for a longtime friend or someone you have only recently encountered, a claddagh ring is an appreciable way to show that you care. Prices for these rings range from $60 and up. Please visit our store for more information, and don’t forget that you will own a little plot of Land in Ireland with every purchase on Shanore.com.

Please feel free to republish our infographic on your blog or website.



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