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2 Special Christmas Gifts for Mom

bokeh-791131_1920Are you looking to get your mother something really amazing for Christmas this year?  We have two great ideas for special Christmas presents Mom will treasure forever.

Not only are these two necklaces dazzling, they are unique.  You can be pretty sure that she won’t run into another woman wearing the exact same thing.  Both are perfect presents for you and your siblings to go in on together to get her something more spectacular than you could individually. These are also great gifts from dad.  (Hint, hint!)

Mother’s Family Pendant

mothers-gift-ideas-shamrock-necklace-from-shanoreEach child is a jewel in their mother’s heart.  No, she doesn’t have a favorite!  Each child sparkles in their own special way, and this stunning pendant symbolizes that beautifully.  Choose between a glittering trinity knot or shamrock motif.  Each child is represented by their colorful birthstone set in a Claddagh style heart with a crown above it.  The hands on either side of the string of hearts complete the Claddagh motif, which represents love, friendship and loyalty.  It sums up family love perfectly!

Whether she has one child or six or any number in between, the Mother’s Family Pendant is a stunning symbol of the love between mother and child.  She’ll wear it with pride and feel close to all of her babies whether they are near or far.  No matter what age her children are, a mom is delighted to know they are thinking of her.  And this dazzling necklace is also a conversation piece that gives her an opening to brag about you.

Expressions Pendant

Intricate Celtic Knot ShanOre Necklace

Are you having a hard time deciding on which Celtic motif you should get in jewelry for your mother this Christmas?  Why settle for just one?  The Expressions Pendant lets her change designs.  She can swap out one stunning silver design disk coin for another.  She can wear an intricate Celtic knot design one day, a stylish shamrock the next and then a delightful angel.  There are ten different Expressions Pendant designs in all.  They fit into a sparkling round holder (or coin cage).  You can choose either a 20 or 26 inch sterling silver chain.  A group of siblings could go in together on this gift with each one choosing a different design coin for mom, or you could buy her the chain, the coin cage and one coin this year and then get a different coin each Christmas to come.  Which designs remind you most of your mother?

The best Irish Christmas gifts are sentimental, and both the Mother’s Family Pendant and the  Expressions Pendantare rich in symbolism and meaning.  They are beautiful pieces of jewelry that any mother would be delighted to wear, and they are also more.  Both represent not only the loving relationship between mothers and their children (of any age).  They also symbolize your family’s Celtic roots and heritage – or your love of Ireland.  Maybe you have strong family roots in Ireland or maybe you enjoyed a wonderful family vacation here that is the stuff of joyful memories.  Either way, these are two Christmas present options that any mom would love!

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