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3 Irresistible New Year’s Proposal Ideas

Are you thinking about popping the question while everyone is popping corks to welcome 2017?  New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are popular times to propose.  It makes sense.

Starting a new year gets people thinking about starting a new life.  We make resolutions, so why not take the idea further?

diamond-claddaghOnly you know if the time is right.    And only you know what type of proposal she’ll love.  Big public proposals get a lot of attention, but not everyone enjoys them.  Some people feel put on the spot.  It is definitely one to ask your beloved about if you are considering it.  You can suss her out by saying you heard about someone doing it and seeing how she reacts.  If you’re ready to commit yourself to your beloved, here are few ideas on creative ways to propose marriage on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day.

When Is the Best Time to Propose at New Year’s?

  1. Before the Party – A New Year’s Eve party is all about the bling, and it’s a great time to announce your engagement. She’s probably put a lot of thought into what she will wear.  Does she ask you how she looks before you go out together?  Even if she doesn’t, you can still tell her there is one thing missing from her look – a ring.  You can then drop to one knee with the ring and tell her that you want to spend forever by her side, no matter what the new year holds.champagne-toast
  2. sapphireDuring the Party – New Year’s Eve parties are usually loud and crowded. Everyone needs a break from it, a moment in a quiet spot.  So when you ask her to come along with you to get away from the crowd, it won’t spoil the surprise.  Scout the location beforehand for an ideal place so you aren’t wandering around searching for a good spot.  If you can, try to arrange a spot with the venue.  Maybe you can have a little table out of the way with flowers and a reserved sign.
  3. couple-embracingOn the 1st – If you’d rather ask a more quiet and calm time, what about New Year’s Day? Avoid asking first thing in the morning if either of you were drinking.  Be sure you are both clear-headed and in good form.  You can start talking about New Year’s resolutions, new things you want to do in the new year and go from there.  You can ask her while you’re curled up by the fire,  having a meal or out hiking – whatever suits your style and mood.

emeraldWe tend to imagine the person proposing pulling out a perfect ring when they pop the question.  If you know what sort of ring she’d love, that can be a really romantic touch.  But if you think she’d like to pick her own ring, you can either ask without a ring or ask with a stand-in ring.  You can find a sparkly but affordable ring for the ask, and explain that you’d like her to pick her real engagement ring.


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