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3 Top Bridesmaid Trends for 2017

earringsTrends come and go.  Most weddings are a mix of tradition and trend.  So what trends does this year hold for bridesmaids?  Here are three that are very likely to influence a lot of weddings this year and next.

If you’re planning a wedding, you might find some inspiration here.  But the main thing is to remember that your wedding is your day as a couple.  It’s about what you love, not what is trendy this year.  So if you spot a trend you really love, go for it!  But don’t pick something just because it is on trend for the year.  You’ll be treasuring those wedding photos and memories for many, many years.

cakeColor trends are always fun.  Neutrals are going to be hot this year.  We’ll see bridesmaids in all shades of cream, tan and taupe.  Neutrals look especially elegant for an evening wedding and when paired with glittering jewelry.  Emerald green is gorgeous with neutral colors.  Soft, gentle pastels will also be popular, particularly for daytime ceremonies.  When your bridesmaids are wearing a pastel color, you can coordinate their flowers to complement their dresses.

What Bridesmaids Really Can Wear Again

trinity-pendantMaybe the most dramatic trend this year is bridesmaids not wearing dresses.  Don’t panic; no one is predicting a wave of nudist weddings!  But we’re getting more relaxed, and more brides are trying to find something that their bridesmaids really can wear again.  Expect to see more bridesmaids in separates – skirts and tops that can be dressed down for more mundane events.  This trend is going to be very, very popular with bridesmaids!

blingSome brides have taken this even further and dressed their attendants in pants or jumpsuits.  The County Kilkenny wedding this month of PR executive Keira Doyle and athlete Bernard Brogan made fashion-watchers sit up and take notice.  While the bride wore a stunning, sleek full -length white gown, her bridesmaids wore dramatic green jumpsuits paired with short jackets.  One take away is that a wedding can be both Irish and innovative!  Mixing in one or two modern, trendy touches does not make your wedding less Irish.  Some brides are heading down the aisle in gorgeous pants too, including jumpsuits with luxurious, long, lace trains.  But that is another topic.

flowersBridesmaids do want to be able to wear what they wore to the wedding again.  That poses some challenges for their attire, but happily their jewelry is much easier.  Bridesmaids jewelry does two things.  It coordinates their look.  Choosing jewelry with a trinity knot or shamrock motif also adds to a traditional Irish wedding theme.   Bridesmaids jewelry is also a beautiful thank you gift for all the support and help your bridesmaids have given you for your big day.  It’s a memento they will treasure and wear on many other occasions.  If you are embracing the trend for neutrals, pearls add a romantic touch to their look and of course, something sparkly really sets off a neutral tone outfit.

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