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40 Shades of Romance

castleIn February, we’re surrounded by every shade of pink and red for St. Valentine’s Day.  Pink and red hearts festoon cards and boxes of chocolates.  Florists sell out of red roses.

But what if your beloved just isn’t that into pink and red?  What if she has Irish roots and a strong preference for green?  Don’t go along with the crowd.  If it is green her heart desires, go ahead and select a gift in green.  Ireland is famous for having 40 shades of green, but that might be an understatement.  What shade of green does she love?  What matches her eyes or flatters her complexion the most?  Green gems and Irish jewelry are a natural combination.

claddaghA silver or gold Claddagh ring set with a green stone is a classic look.  This design in rich in symbolism.  The heart represents love, the hands are for friendship, and the crown symbolizes loyalty.  For a different and more delicate twist, what about a variation with diamonds and emeralds set along one side of the heart?

Beyond Hearts and Claddaghs

The Claddagh is an iconic and romantic Irish symbol, but it isn’t the only gorgeous design featured on Irish jewelry.  Many other traditional motifs can incorporate gorgeous green gems in their design.  Some have symbolic meaning, but primarily they are beautiful.

trinityThe trinity knot represents the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  It similar to the shamrock that way.  For some, the trinity knot symbolizes the pre-Christian Celtic triple goddess also represented by the triple spiral designs at Newgrange and other ancient sites.  But all Celtic knotwork also symbolizes eternity.  Notice there is no beginning or end to Celtic knots.  Is that how your love feels?

The tree of life is a beautiful, earthy symbol.  Maybe she’s passionate about the great outdoors or perhaps it is her own family tree and Irish heritage that moves her.  The tree of life symbolizes communication between earth and the heavens, making it a perfect symbol if you want to tell her how much you look up to her or that you’d move heaven and earth for her.



You can find stunning green gems to find any budget.  Emeralds are famous of course, and Ireland is known as the emerald isle.  But emeralds are not the only option.  We say the fields of Ireland are 40 shades of green, and Irish jewelry features other gems in other shades of green.  Peridot is a lighter, brighter green than emeralds.  Peridot is perfect for anyone who likes green but wants something different.  It’s also the birthstone for August.  Cubic zirconia is an affordable option for sparkling green jewelry.  It can be set in designs for rings or necklaces just as an emerald would.  Whichever design or gem you choose, you can delight your beloved with one of Ireland’s 40 shades of green for St. Valentine’s Day.

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