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Discover the Irish Connection to Pearls

While North Americans are savoring nature’s display of stunning beauty as the leaves turn color, Irish minds are anticipating oyster season.  While slurping raw oysters isn’t everyone’s cuppa, no one can dispute that oysters produce something intensely gorgeous – pearls.



by Eoin Gardiner
by Eoin Gardiner

In North America, leaves are turning brilliant shades of red and gold.  People flock to the east coast, where the colors are the most spectacular to enjoy nature’s incredible show.  In our soggy Irish climate, the leaves are more muted and the autumn rain doesn’t exactly encourage people to go out for drives or hikes in the countryside.

We don’t mind, though, because we have another natural wonder to enjoy in the autumn, and it’s one we can eat. Here, we flock to the west coast.  We don’t amble about.  We go straight for the festivities at the Galway Oyster Festival.  Those leaves in North America are gorgeous, no argument there.  But you can’t eat them, and they don’t make pearls.  And few would dispute the elegant beauty of pearl jewelry.

by Jules Morgan
by Jules Morgan

Did you know that pearls have been found in Ireland?  And that oysters are not the only source of pearls?  It’s true.  Other mollusks can produce pearls.  In fact, most pearls you see today have been produced by mollusks other than oysters in farmed conditions.  In Ireland, pearls have been found in freshwater mussels.  It’s now illegal to harvest these because the species of mussel, Margaritifera margaritifera, is endangered.   Irish pearl jewelry, however, is doing just great, thank you very much.

Irish Pearl Jewelry for All Tastes

Pearls have a timeless elegance that works for all styles and fashions, cutting edge or classic.  No one is too old or too young to wear pearls, and it is always the right season for them.  Pearl jewelry goes with jeans or ball gowns; it’s for a day at the office or a night on the town.  It’s also a beautiful look in Irish jewelry.

silverPearls in silver settings are almost monochrome.  This is a look that is both dramatic and understated at the same time.  It’s not flashy, just fabulous.  A pearl with a silver setting can go with a casual look or can add some balance to a colorful outfit.  Pearls and silver add elegance to pastels.

Rose gold can add warmth to pearls.  This is a sophisticated, dressy look that can go from the boardroom to the theater bar.  It’s always just right, rich and regal.  You’ll never feel over-dressed or too casual with a pearl pendant in a rose gold setting.

crystal pendantOnce upon a time, only royalty wore pearls.  If you’re looking for pearl jewelry with the wow factor once enjoyed only by royal families, pearl and Swarovksi crystals are the thing.  This is an ideal look for formal events such as wedding or charity balls or any time you want to look your most glamorous.  Pearls with Swarovski crystals are stunning with rich, deep, vibrant colors – or with a white wedding gown.

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