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7 Super Romantic Christmas Proposal Ideas

diamondMagic is in the air at Christmas time.  It’s time to curl up by the fire, go ice skating together and stroll around town admiring the lights.  It’s also a wonderful, romantic time to pop the question.

If you are looking to start 2017 officially engaged, and looking for some inspiration, here are 7 super romantic Christmas proposal ideas.

  1. heart-in-snowSpell it out in snow. If you live in a climate where you are sure to have snow at Christmas, this is easy, but you can do it anywhere with a little fake snow.  You can sprinkle fake snow on a window sill and trace the words ‘will you marry me?’ with your finger.  You can paint a snowy scene on the window glass as part of your Christmas decoration of two figures with one kneeling by the words ‘marry me’ in the snow.
  2. Ask under the mistletoe. Hang the mistletoe before your beloved arrives, and add a sparkly ring dangling from a ribbon.  You don’t have to say a word; just stand under it and wait for the reaction.emerald-claddagh
  3. Make your Christmas tree sparkle. Loop a festive ribbon through the engagement ring, so you can hang it in a prominent spot on the Christmas tree.  You could do this early on Christmas morning, on Christmas Eve or anytime in the run up to the big day.  But make sure your beloved is the first person to see the ring.  (Warning – this one is not recommended for cat owners!)
  4. stockingFill a stocking. Get a Christmas stocking personalized with your beloved’s name and fill it with romantic gifts and chocolates.  Put the engagement ring in its box in the very toe so it is the last thing she finds.
  5. Put it on your Santa list. Are you both kids at heart?  Write a wish list for Santa, and put your big ask on it.  Then leave it out where it will be seen. This is a fun one to do when you are nervous about asking.  “Dear Santa, what I really for Christmas is the nerve to ask my beloved to marry me….”  Or you can do this to encourage your beloved to pop the question.
  6. snow-heartCome carolling. Are you musical?  You can arrive at the door solo or with a few mates for support.  Sing a few Christmas carols, then drop to one knee for a traditional proposal.  Just make sure you arrive at a good time!  (That’s where you can appoint one of your beloved’s mates as your helper.  Your beloved might think they have plans with this mate, but lo and behold, it’s you carolling at the door.)ruby-ring
  7. Advent calendar count down. Who doesn’t like a little suspense?  Make your beloved a very special Advent calendar with a ring behind one wee door.  This is a good one if you are living together – obviously you need to be there when they open that door to find a ring!advent

However you ask, keep one thing in mind.  Be careful with that ring!  You can always opt to purchase an inexpensive costume jewellery ring to use for the proposal and then select the real engagement ring together to make sure it is one she loves almost as much as she loves you.

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