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A Woman’s Jewelry Collection: What it Really Means

All about the Women’s Jewelry Collection and the Meaning behind them.

Collecting awesome jewelry and ornaments is a fun part of most women’s lives. It can take years to build up a stock of items that completes your wardrobe.

Most importantly, when women attain jewelry it becomes a special part of us. We pick and receive items from loved ones and ourselves alike. Our jewelry stashes are much more representative or our unique traits than what might be apparent.

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Yes, they signify sentiment and history. That is part of what makes gathering pieces so joyful. I still have the pearl necklace that I received from my mother upon my college graduation. Although, it may look like an ordinary necklace to outsiders, to me it symbolizes a major milestone. Whenever I’m nervous,  I look down and remember how much more nervous I was when wearing that necklace for the very first time.


On a side note, I asked the man sitting next to me to please catch me if I fainted on stage when receiving my diploma. I did not faint, although, I was very scared. That pearl necklace reminds me of that important moment and how I pulled through just fine without an intervention from the poor guy seated next to me. It also prompts that my necklace has stayed with me through all the years since that momentous occasion.

Photo courtesy of Shanore.

If I were celebrating a special occasion, I might buy a pendant like this silver green CZ halo pendent to signify my several years writing for an Irish blog. I came across my announcement when I first started a while back and it brings back fond thoughts. What might you buy for yourself and what would you be celebrating?

It seems appropriate to mention that when a woman receives a piece of jewelry and keeps it, it is usually because the event was significant enough for her to want to cherish that personal item. Along with my pearl necklace story, I have a few sad stories of items that were lost like an initial ring from the eighth grade. It was my first piece of major and bonafide jewelry. I’m sure that others out there can relate.

Although we may be powerless to replace something that found it’s way into a dark hole, we can try and find something else down the line. By this I mean, it doesn’t help to keep a loss fresh or incomplete. It is vital to our sense of self to find an alternate. In this way, replenishing lost jewelry pieces is more than beneficial, it is an immensely satisfying experience.


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