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Add Some Aqua Blue for Two

Here’s the thing, we don’t normally think of aqua and Ireland together, now do we? Maybe we should.

Aquamarine is a beautiful gemstone. Not only is it one of the birthstones for the month of March, it has many spiritual qualities that makes it a great stone to have all year long. It is a close relative to the emerald and is liked almost as much as the most popular stones like rubies and sapphires. Many times, aquamarine just doesn’t come up in conversations or other stones are thought of more predominantly. However, there are many reasons why you should consider adding some to your jewelry collections.


First of all, the color is a lovely shade of blue that can range anywhere to a pale hue to a deeper blue. What is so nice about it is that you can pair almost anyone’s natural coloring to that of a compatible aquamarine.254 This isn’t always as easy with other hued-gemstones, although they may be beautiful, they don’t quite look as impressive once they are paired with the person wearing it. You have to consider things like hair and eye color and even skin tone.

That said, anyone with blue eyes would look stunning wearing this gem. Also, almost every hair color out there could benefit from it. For the Irish, who have a tendency to be on the fairer side, this stone will work quite nicely.

Consider getting an elegant band like this one and placing a lovely aquamarine stone in the center for an engagement. (or whichever stone you like!)

Outside of it’s physical attributes are the metaphysical ones, or the ones which are purported to come from wearing or using it. Aquamarine is a stone that symbolizes water and the ocean and Ireland is surrounded by this element. Not surprising, as water flows so naturally, so do the characteristics that this stone brings out in others. Harmony, friendliness and compassion are just some of the few things that aquamarine can stimulate for an individual.

Some other fascinating things about it are that it brings longevity and peace to romantic relationships, which is good for those who want to start out on the right foot. Sometimes that little thing is the most important to consider before getting involved. Most of us do not want to waste our time on anything less than something which will be hugely rewarding for years and years. Giving someone a ring with aquamarine will send the message that this is a union that you want to last happily and forever.

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