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Adding This Color to Your Fall Fashion Will Hit a Homerun

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Fall is fast approaching and what this means along with colder temperatures is that it is time to get ready for a total renewal of closet color palettes. I know we like the summer colors that are bright and airy. Fall colors can be bright too.

Autumn is synonymous with dark tones and neutral colors. When you look out of your window at this time of year, the colors that are fading off the trees are ones that might make their way back into your wardrobe. Brown, yellow and black tints are common as well. A favorite color of mine is gracing the lines of many fashion designers this fall. The irony is that while this color is fading itself out of our outdoor scenery, it finds itself reborn in our clothing and jewels.

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Photo courtesy of MorgueFile.

Green is good. That is right. This is the color that you will want to have in your closet this fall. Bazaar helps us out by showcasing some great styles coming out this fall. Check out their amazing threads here.  Ireland is often associated with the color of emerald-green. With autumn making it’s way to us, it will help to get some clothes that showcase this brilliant tone.

Perhaps, picking out one functional piece in a great emerald color will then become your favorite piece this fall. You can find a great coat, jacket, skirt or even a cool pair of business trousers. The trick with green is to not go all over with it. A great look can be accomplished if you use different shades of this color. You can make an impressive statement with a mint-colored blouse and then pair it with a forest-hued skirt or pair of pants.

Other options involve using a great 855piece that is green as an accessory. You can pick a purse, an umbrella, a briefcase or a cool scarf. Without stopping there, make sure you find at least one awesome piece of jewelry that is emerald-tinged. Here you have choices as well depending on what part of your body you most want to accentuate. Some of us are bracelet people and yet still some of us prefer necklaces or earrings. Find a piece in your preferred line and make it intense. A wonderful addition to your case could be these silver green cz halo earrings.  They are beautiful and shiny. The earrings show beautiful knot details which jut out against the sterling silver foundation. This combination is sure to make you envied wherever you go. We even have this in a ring or necklace as well, for those of you who prefer to accent your fingers and necklines.


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