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All about the April Birthstone: Meaning, Color, and Usage 

What is the April Birthstone and its meaning?

April is when we start to see more daylight. The sun is up for longer, and bright spring flowers begin to open. Aprils is a dazzling month bursting with hope and promise as nature renews itself.

If someone special to you was born in April and you’re looking for a perfect gift you might want to start by asking what is the birthstone for April and what does the April birthstone mean?

What is the April Birthstone?

Those lucky enough to be born in this month have the exquisite diamond as their birthstone. According to the Gemological Institute of America, Diamonds are a perfect 10, not only in their beauty but also in their rating on the Mohs hardness scale.

As delicate as they look, they’re one of the most resistant gems on earth. Beautiful, sparkling, and strong – does that remind you of anyone you know born in April?

What’s the Color of the April Birthstone?

The April birthstone color is pure, light, and full of sparkle. Diamonds are clear; they reflect the light around them. In fact, a diamond’s value is based partly on its being data-contrast colorless. Clarity is part of the system for evaluating this gem.

April Birthstone

April Birthstone: Meaning, Myths, and Legends

But what does the April birthstone mean? In ancient times, people believed this gem protected them from the Evil Eye and the plague.

Today it is still associated with vibrant health and having lots of energy. Because diamonds are so strong, it’s easy to see how they became linked to a long, healthy life.

While today they best-known for gracing engagement rings, diamonds are also beloved on April birthstone rings and necklaces. They are a gift that tells the recipient you see her strength and her sparkle, even when she is under real pressure.

 Diamond Alternative: Secondary April Birthstones

Although Diamonds are the main stone option for those born in April, they are not the only option. Swarovski’s white crystal and cubic zirconia are also correct as they are the right April birthstone that is, they are clear and colorless.

Crystals & CZs April Birthstone - Shanore Jewelry (2)

Picking the Perfect April Birthstone Jewelry

If you are looking for a ‘go big or go home’ gift with unparalleled wow factor gold birthstone jewelry is it. A gold April birthstone ring with a genuine diamond can be an excellent gift for your wife, partner, or daughter. But while diamonds are amazing, Swarovski’s white crystal and cubic zirconia are also stunning and can be excellent options.

1 – Set your budget and message

When choosing a perfect gift for an April Baby, budget is a key factor, but so is the message. Sometimes only a diamond makes the right statement. Other times a diamond would say more than you mean, and crystal or cubic zirconia would be the right choice.

Shopping for Diamonds

If you are shopping for a diamond, the four Cs are the right measure for buying an authentic piece. That’s carat, color, clarity, and cut.

Carat: Refers to the weight/size of the diamond; more weight means greater value.

Color: Diamonds in the colorless range (D-F) are the most precious and therefore most expensive. The colors H or J means that the diamond is near colorless. Diamonds in the near-colorless range are in the 2nd most precious range of diamonds.

Clarity: Diamond clarity refers to the quality of diamonds and the existence and visual appearance of internal characteristics. Referred to as inclusions and surface defects called blemishes, diamonds with the least and smallest imperfections receive the higher clarity grades.

Cut: Refers to the symmetry, proportioning, and polish of the stone. A diamond should be cut with the right proportions to maximize its shine and sparkle.

Shanore Diamond Certificate

At ShanOre, our diamonds come with a certificate of quality from the International Gemological Institute so buyers can be confident of their quality. So, when buying diamond jewelry, always check for its certificate of authenticity.

Shopping for synthetic stones

Crystal comes in a wide range of quality. Swarovski produces high-quality crystals for in Austria since 1892. It is the premier brand and offers exquisite sparkle thanks to its perfect balance of quartz and minerals and its precision cutting equipment.

Cubic zirconia is the newest option: it’s been produced since the 1970s. It is slightly less resistant than a diamond, with a Mohs rating of 8 to 8.5. While a diamond will reflect white light, cubic zirconia often has a rainbow effect.

2- Add More Layers of Meaning

Choosing jewelry with more layers of meaning makes your gift more personal. If the receiver has Irish heritage or love Irish music, literature, or culture, an April birthstone necklace or ring with a Celtic motif makes a beautiful statement. It tells her that you see and appreciate her.

April’s birthstone meaning of wellness, longevity, and strength gains deeper meaning when it is combined with a traditional Irish symbol such as the Claddagh.

3 – Choose Something Romantic

The classic Claddagh motif is perfect for an April birthstone necklace or ring. The iconic design of a crowned heart held in two hands represents love, loyalty, and friendship. While vastly used as a romantic symbol, the Claddagh can equally be a symbol of sincere friendship.

The Claddagh ring wearing meaning: With the ring, wearing it on the right hand with the crown closer to the hand indicates friendship. On the left hand, it says the wearer is either married or engaged.

Claddagh April Birthstone Ring

All gifts send a message. What do you want to say to your loved one on her birthday? You can tell her she sparkles and wishes her a long, healthy life with Irish birthstone jewelry.


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