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Amazing Alexandrite Is June’s Birthstone

If you are not quite certain exactly what color alexandrite is, you aren’t alone.  Many of those born in June are Geminis, and this birthstone perfectly suits their dual nature.

Its color appears to change in different lights.  It ranges from the red end of the color spectrum to the green/ blue end, depending on the type of light it is in.  But one thing is constant. Alexandrite is gorgeous.

Some very gorgeous and talented people were born in June.  The first is the birthday of the iconic Marilyn Monroe, as well as actor Morgan Freeman, comedian Amy Schumer and rock star Alanis Morissette. Screen stars Michael J. Fox, Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman share a birthday on the 9th.  Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were born on the 13th.  Baseball legend Lou Gehrig and comedian Moe Howard of Three Stooges fame had birthdays on the 19th.  Designer Vera Wang and celebrity Khloe Kardashian were born on the same day as advocate Helen Keller – the 27th.  The inimitable singer Lena Horne was born on the 30th.

Alexandrite, the New Gem in Town

Of course, the gem itself is not really new, but alexandrite was only discovered less than 200 years ago.  This stunning stone was first found in the Ural Mountains.  It was named after the Russian Czar Alexander II because it was discovered on the same day he came of age in 1834.  (Other sources say it was discovered sooner, but it became linked to the young czar anyway.)  Because its range of changing hues matched the colors of the Russian royalty – green and red – it was dubbed the official gem of imperial Russia.

And it lives up to the royal link.  Alexandrite has a MOHS hardness rating of 8.5, which puts it between garnet and sapphire.  It isn’t indestructible, but it does create a lasting impression.  It is one of the rarest gems on earth, rarer than diamonds.  And you might say the same about a woman born in June – regal, rare, strong and unforgettable.

While alexandrite has that historic link to Imperial Russia, it actually has many qualities that make it a great match for Irish designs.  In certain lights, it can look green. Its color changing properties are more or less magic, which is a quality shared with Ireland.  It often looks purple, like the Burren, which also seems to change color in different lights and is home to many purple wildflowers.

If you are looking for a stunning, magical birthday present for a woman born in the month of June, Celtic birthstone jewelry might be perfect.  Does she love the rich symbolism of the Claddagh?  Or is the intrigue of Celtic knot designs more her style?  Whichever she prefers, Irish birthstone jewelry is a beautiful tribute to her heritage and birth month.  It’s a very personalized gift that pays tribute to two aspects of who she is.

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