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Amethyst, Purple and February All in One

The month of February features the amethyst birthstone. What are it’s positive

February is upon us and it is the last full month for wintertime. Alot of times, we can look forward to an end to the coldness and darkness. February provides us with a last look of what we won’t have to endure for about nine more months. It is also the month where we celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is of course the holiday for love and February is the month which has amethysts as it’s birthstone. Amethyst is a purple-hued stone that is known to elicit several things.

A big part of how amethyst aids the253 body is by the power it has to effect the body via small magnetic fields. We have all been cautioned against exposure to too much magnetism from things like electronics. However, the milder sized waves that emit from an amethyst are likely to support positive changes.

Some of these benefits are better sleep, helping moods and strength against bacteria and infections. Amethyst is also well-known for psychic use and is a symbol for sobriety. It can help in areas of money probably because the color purple represents power and ambition. It is a stone that many people use to tap into their intuitive or psychic powers more forcefully.

Amethyst can help clear the clutter and enable one to connect more clearly with energies surrounding him or her. It can help those of us who have lucid dreams to see things in the dreamworld that will offer insight. This purple crystal is a wonderful protection agent for someone who goes on a trip. It is also highly useful for helping people heal during times of loss. With its high ability to promote a sense of peace and calm, users may find themselves sleeping and relaxing more easily and better able to come to terms with unpleasant situations.

Out of all quartz crystals, Amethyst is the one that is most sought out. It’s purple hue is actually a combination of a very peaceful, cool and enigmatic hue of blue that has merged with the very cold, passionate and powerful color of red. One would expect that the attributes of wearing or using the color purple are the things that we would likely see when combining something that is both fierce and powerful with another item that is more placid and stable. Amethyst can be useful in many things such as increasing creativity, wealth and imagination.

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