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An Irish Christmas for the Littlest

Who relies on this holiday most? For Christmas, make it best for the youngest.

For Christmas, the most impressionable minds are the youngest ones. Realize that when you shop for Christmas, it usually means that many people will be on that Christmas, gift list. We shop for our husbands and wives, our moms and dads, our siblings and our children. The gifts that will mean the most both when purchased and when opened will be the ones that we give to our children.

They do not fully understand everything about life yet. They are not their parents who work and provide for them all while facing unique challenges. We do our best to hide these things from our children as we want them to see us as capable and strong.

It is important to note that every time we do something and our children see us, we are teaching them what to do.  We are teaching them how to live, cope and grow. If we spoil our children, we don’t always teach them what is best. They need to learn that it is completely acceptable to live with what is necessary and many times showering them with too much, leads to a lack of appreciation for what they do have.

Therefore, it is vital even though it is hard, to pick wisely and give them less by making sure that the things they receive have an important meaning. Giving them a gift that is representative of Ireland or their heritage communicates a very valuable lesson which is that their family is important.  It also states, “don’t forget your roots.”

Children who receive a piece of their history are encouraged to respect that history. These are the children who will grow to want to learn more about the lives of their ancestors. These are the children who will grow to care abut what happens in the world around them. Those are the types of children that we will want as leaders of the world some day.

Although, a gift will not solidify their future with one small gesture, it composes one of the pieces that helps them to learn what really matters. That is why it is important to pick something for your youngest relatives that says a lot by what it represents.





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