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For Athair

Athair. Who is your athair? We all have one. He is the person for whom we would not exist and who we all looked to for love and protection as youngsters. We all love and adore our athairs or our fathers.

Fathers are unique and special. They give us the first glimpse of who we are supposed to become if we are boys growing into men and who we should look for in a partner someday if we are girls growing into women. The role of a dad is so important that most fathers may not realize that their every move is so critical to the thoughts and actions for their children’s future. Fathers have a lot on their plates. They have a family to protect and provide for and oftentimes a mother to keep in the same world as the children. We often times wonder, “how does he do it all?”

I think most fathers would confess that they are lucky and they aren’t quite sure how they do it all, especially the good ones. Most of these men would give credit where it rightfully belongs as well. This usually goes to a spouse or a parent or other relatives if applicable if they help to share the burden of raising his or their children while he works. Most athairs know that they aren’t superhuman, but they try anyway.  Most know they might need to buy store made cake sometimes versus a homemade version, but that is alright by them. Most know that using a bowl for a haircut won’t be the end of the world for their son’s first haircut and will try it anyway versus taking him to a fancy salon like his wife or mother might have done. These are just some of the things that most dads are willing to try and that many have successfully mastered.

So, what we kids or leanaí do is we take one day a year and we celebrate our dads in more of a fuss than they ever allow themselves to show for us sometimes. They may not show it, but I think that sometimes they really do appreciate it. One way to show this love for our fathers is with a Gents Claddagh Ring as a gift for Father’s Day this year. The ring is sterling silver and represents all things Irish. It really will suit all dads and will compliment most any outfit he would wear.


Father’s Day is on Sunday June 15th. Your dad has made time for all your triumphs and even all the not so great moments throughout your life. Even when he couldn’t be there, he probably managed to find someone else to take his place so you wouldn’t be roughing it alone. Dads truly do have a tough job so be sure to take the time and show him how much you have noticed his presence throughout your life and how much you care.

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