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Awaken Your Senses

Everyone has a favorite sense whether it’s smell, touch or taste

For Valentine’s Day this year, it might be a good rule of thumb if you were to buy your valentine a gift based on her favorite sense. Everyone has a favorite sense whether it’s smell, touch or t


With a jewelry selection, it is not only important to pick a piece that appeals to her visual tastes, but also one that is pleasing to be touched and worn. You do not want to get a piece that is pleasing to the eye, but is uncomfortable, awkward or even obtrusive when on. This is why It is important to keep in mind what your lady likes to do.

Does she use her hands often? If so, you wouldn’t want to get her something that would be too loud or garish to wear on her arm. For instance, a nice, thin bracelet that is both feminine and dainty might be perfect for her. She might not want a clunky or chunky bangle on her wrist, because it becomes an inconvenience to her as she wears it throughout the day. Many ladies opt to not wear bracelets because they notice how cumbersome they can become. However, do not make the assumption that she doesn’t like them! She may just need to find the right style and has yet to find it!

This bracelet may just become your love’s favorite item once you bestow them with it! This Silver Celtic Stone Trinity Bracelet is discrete as well as it is pretty. It’s made of shiny silver and small green hearts which are made of CZ.  For the Celtic symbol, the bracelet contains several trinity knots. This way she will know your love is for real.

Silver Celtic Stone Set Trinity Bracelet Sb2018Gr

Now that you have covered her sense of sight and touch, you can tackle her sense of smell and taste. Valentine’s Day is synonymic with chocolate. A love of Irish culture and chocolate is indeed a nice breed, you just need to know where to look for it. Try ordering her a box of chocolates from Butler’s in Dublin. If you live near Dublin, you can even partake in a chocolate demonstration on the seventh. Try inviting your valetnine with you and enjoying the class as a couple. She can then pick her favorite treat in person.

Otherwise, you can order through their website or at the store. They have a nice selection of heart-shaped boxes or they have the traditional box-shaped assortments which contain more chocolates.

Even if you aren’t sure which sense your lady prefers, getting gifts that cover them all is a sure proof way to make her day a happy one!

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