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Barking in Irish?

Looking for the perfect dog can be quite the task. Everyone has different styles and preferences and it is no different than when it comes to looking for a family dog. Things that must be considered are temperament, activity levels, health needs and feasibility of the situation for both the canine and the owner.

This is an Irish Water Spaniel sitting upright. These spaniels are well-known specifically for their ringlet coats. Photo courtesy of

IrishWaterSpaniel-2Ireland is a  place that has many different animals and breeds named definitively for it. You may even know of a few of them that pop into your mind and never really thought much past that point. However, if being part of Ireland is a big deal for you, you might consider getting a pet that is part of that heritage.

It was a man by the name of Justin McCarthy who first coined the make of the Irish Water Spaniel. There is speculation of where the breed originated thinking it may be parts poodle, setter and retriever perhaps.

Whatever the actual origin, this dog has proved to be a great benefit for the right leader. It is no surprise that this spaniel likes the water and is fundamentally a hunting dog. Owners who enjoy this sport would very much appreciate a breed like this.

Their personality is loyal, intelligent, animated and best of all, for the appropriate owner, they are willing to do what it takes to please them. This is what an ideal dog does, but most people are not aware of this. Dogs are meant to obey, serve,  and to listen to what their leader request of them.

This is a breed that will not do well with someone who cannot give it the time it needs to exercise or one who does not have the wherewithal to be the pack leader. It is important to remember when getting a dog that they still are very basic in regards to knowing and expecting to be part of a “pack.” What this means, is that they are always looking to see who the alpha is. Sometimes, they fight and compete over who will take charge.

This is common in groups of dogs, but should never be a struggle between owner and canine. If the dog does not know that you are it’s alpha leader, then trouble is bound to crop up. The Irish Water Spaniel is the kind of dog that longs for and needs a clear authority figure in it’s life. Without it, the spaniel will regress into unhealthy patterns. This is never a good thing to see in a canine.

But on the most optimistic side, with someone who is able and willing to give this dog the leadership and direction it craves, the relationship will be quite a rewarding one. The spaniel gets along well with others as long as initial introductions are handled well. And they are usually handled well with someone who is comfortable with dogs.

This dog will also make a great protector. They do not senselessly bark, but will bark when it is necessary in order to alert their master of trouble.

If this is your first dog, or you aren’t confident in canine ownership. perhaps this is not the dog for you. However, if you feel that you will be a steadfast and reliable leader for a dog that enjoys swimming and the outdoors, this might be an ideal dog to retain. They do need a good deal of maintenance for their coat, but otherwise will make up for any expenditures spent for up-keep on their looks by showing devotion and love to you for many years to come.

And as with any serious undertaking, owning a dog is serious responsibility. If not just financially, it also means taking ownership of another living thing. Be sure that you are doing it for the right reasons ahead of time. To be certain, take a look at this page here to access your readiness.

Here’s a brief video of some Irish Water Spaniel pups playing.


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