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Amazing Iconic Beads for Your Wrists

Tara’s Diary Iconic Beads are a great purchase for this time of the year and they fit perfectly onto our Tara’s Diary Bracelets as well as our Tara’s Diary Necklaces.

hapenny blarney 556






The wonderful note about these beads is that they look great on just about everyone! This means that young ladies can wear them as well as older women who will love the symbolism in the beads as well. We have nine of them to choose from.

lir new stout






The iconic beads that will dangle and sway from your wrist and/or your neckline depict only the most impressive of Irish legends. As I have already stated, we have selected nine of the most impressive iconic legends for you to chose from beginning with the ever so famous St. Patrick’s bead in which the famous holiday in March is named after. We also have the Blarney Stone bead in which it is commonly known that when one enters a castle they are to kiss the blarney stone before entering the castle and the grounds. Next, we have the Newgrange bead which is named after the large circular mound in Ireland that has artwork engravings located inside it’s mound and is visited by many people every year and is older than Stonehenge!

cause cliff dub






We couldn’t have classic beads without our version of a Stout beer bead, with no particular distinction or brand name included. We also have the legend of the Children of Lir bead which has a famous quote that says,” Out with you upon the wild waves, Children of the King! Henceforth your cries shall be with the flocks of birds.” Then  let’s not forget the ever so famous Dublin Castle bead off of Dame Street in the heart of Dublin for those who enjoy government and a bit of history and royalty. For those who appreciate a bit of nature’s wonders in their bead, Giant’s Causeway bead would be a nice pick because it is one of Ireland’s most natural beauties having resulted from a volcanic eruption. We also have the Cliffs of Moher bead which is designed after one of the most popular tourist attractions in all of Ireland. pink bra pup neck sil bra

ShanOre has a large selection of leather and sterling silver bracelets and necklaces for these amazing beads to be thread and worn on. They come in pink, purple or green leather in eighteen or sixteen inches for necklaces. They come in the same colors for bracelets but now include sterling silver and the sizes include 7″, 7.75″, and 8.5″. Be sure to include one with your bead purchase to make the perfect gift!

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