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Want to Become an Irish Landowner?

Ever dreamt you would own a piece of Ireland? Here’s how to make that a reality

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Now at Shanore we are offering an exciting and unique opportunity. With every purchase made through our website Shanore.com, we will give you a personal, free gift. This gift is your very own piece of Irish land! I’m sure many people out there have dreamt of owning a part of history. But, probably none of us ever imagined that it would be this spectacular! Through this limited time offer, you can become an Irish landowner. Just imagine telling your friends and family that you are going to Ireland to visit your property!

858To begin, pick out a piece of jewelry from our grand selection at Shanore.com. For example, we have these lovely silver tree of life earrings. This purchase represents a eternal symbol for those who hold Ireland dear to their hearts. The tree was often the center of a dwelling which came to signify safety and security. The tree of life is basically synonymous with the place that you would call home.

The McLaughlin family of Ireland has been very generous as the benefactor of this recent innovation at Shanore. Their land is near Muckish Mountain in Ireland which is a beautiful and picturesque area. Muckish resembles a plateau or mesa and it’s name in Irish means “pig’s back.”

For adventurers and hikers alike, 861this part of the country would be wonderful to call your own. Once you place an order through Shanore.com, you will receive this endowment. It comes with your own plot number and certificate. You can then register your individual plot online.

Another lovely gift to buy yourself or a loved one is this dazzling green halo ring. The ring is a lovely incorporation of green cubic circonia and gold trinity knots that accentuate the sides of the ring. These adornments give an added depth and detail to a far from ordinary ring. Inside the band is our inscription ensuring that you are getting the highest quality product.

Just imagine that after your order, that you will have your very own piece of Ireland! The purchase will include pictures of the surrounding area to your part of land. After this, you are welcomed to visit the land any time you like. An added bonus is that you can wear your new purchase on your trip! Perhaps this will give you an even greater reason to visit Ireland more often!

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