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Bringing Him Back His Son

Some stories tug at the heart. What has his life been like since being separated from his father?

A boy was led away from his father, the only one he ever knew. Now, three years later through luck, chance and what seems like good old-fashioned karma, they can finally be together again. That is, they can be together soon.

Something like this Irish charm can be given to a child with the intention that no matter where they are, Ireland is always their home.














Couples meet up and do the couple-thing, like this man did when he met an American woman online. I see the words met online and immediately get a little nervous. The way it appears to me is that meeting someone online and going from cyberspace to actual space is an ever-dicey gamble. You just do not know another person until you have spent actual time, physically, around them. This way you’ll know who they really are. You get to see them at their best and at their worst, when they are sick and when they aren’t, when they are frustrated and when they are elated etc etc.

And people can make anything sound ok on paper or online. Folks know how to appear in order to gain someone’s confidence or interest. In any event, this woman eventually married this fellow from Ireland. They then had a son. The mother had some issues and returned to the U.S. for what was supposed to be a short visit. However, when this father watched his son leave the airport for America three years ago, he probably never dreamed that his son would not be returning shortly thereafter.

A charm, like this one, can be given to a child as a constant reminder of your love and presence in their life.

This story has been unearthed because apparently, the mother recently died and now the father has been notified of his son’s whereabouts. He hasn’t had a full idea of what was going on with his son for the last three years. Alas, there is still some red tape that needs to be analyzed and figured out before the boy can safely return to Northern Ireland. However, these are the kinds of stories that really make you appreciate having your children nearby.

It is an actual blessing when two parents work together, jointly and in harmony for the well being of their children. One can trust the other to pick their child up without fear that the parent will take their child away. This becomes an even terrifying prospect when you consider the crossing of International borders.

The good news: the dad will be reunited with his son soon. The sad news: he missed out on the last three years of his son’s life growing up. Also, this boy had to go along with something that was probably way too grownup for him to even comprehend. He probably didn’t understand why dad was no longer around or why he could not see his friends anymore. That perhaps is the biggest heartache of this tale.

Therefore, one can only hope that this dad will know what to do to make the last few confusing years of his son’s life into a better memory for the both of them. He could start with giving him a special token that reassures him. And with confidence, the son will move on knowing that this part of his life is over and that his future will be better in spite of it.

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