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Brigid the Triple Goddess

Brigid the famed mythological goddess of the Celts

Brigid is a famed mythological goddess of the Celts with not just one key attribute but three distinct ways in which she ruled the ways.

Her skills were in healing physical ails, poetry, and smithcraft. This would make her the perfect goddess symbol for Shanore, for she would have appreciated the fine metalworking that went into the making of all of our pieces.

One of her specialties in healing was guiding childbirth. She was so inspirational and powerful that many holy wells are dedicated to her throughout Ireland, most notably at St. Brigid’s Well at Liscannor. A well is a place of refuge for those looking to pray to the goddess who brought so much to Ireland so long ago. There are spots to kneel and pray surrounding the well and a statute of Brigid atop the well surrounded in a glass case.

Although this is one of the most well-known spots to pray to Brigid at her well, there are at least a dozen other wells named after the Celtic goddess in Ireland as well. The well-known exercise is to enter into the well and express your intention to whatever ail you are looking to treat or cure. Then the next words are to be said:

Go mbeannai iosa duit, a Bhrighid Naofa,
Go mbeannai Muire duit is go mbannaim Fein duit,
Chugat a thana me ag gearan mo sceil chugat
Agus d’iarraidh cabhair in onoir De ort

This translates to mean:

May Jesus bless you,
O holy Brigid,
may Mary bless you
and may I bless you myself.
It is to you I have come
making my complaint
and asking your help
for the honour of God.

This sterling pendant is the perfect tribute to wear in honor of such an occasion or in remembrance of an outing like this.

SS SW My Guardian Angel Shamrock Pendant










There are  very specific instructions on how many verses to recite of certain religious prose, which also vary on where you are located within the well. For those visiting this location, the sentiments expressed are of walking into a place where there is so much tribute that it is impossible to ignore. The appreciation felt for St. Brigid is obvious by the overabundance of materials left in her honor which run the gamut of meaning from giving thanks, begging for help, or displaying worship. Items left behind include religious totems, letters, personal affects, and even remains of a medical necessity that is now unneeded, all thanks to the great St. Brigid.




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