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Build Your Own Pendants

We have a very creative new item just in time for the hot weather. If there is one thing that is common during the warmer days is that people have more free time which means that we are freer to do more things that we enjoy whether it be hobbies or outdoor activities and many people use this time of the year for trips and adventure.

One thing you may find as you go off from destination to destination is that you may collect various different coins from exotic locations or perhaps even for things to use to travel on buses or subways for fares. On these new pendants that we have, it is no accident that we feature coins in our designs. Coins signify a piece of independence, a part of who you are and they can be interchanged much like in these necklaces.

With these necklaces you will want to start with the very basic chain which we have in two length choices. One is twenty inches and the other is twenty-six inches while both are made of sterling silver. After choosing the correct length for your pendant, you then must select the coin holder in order to have a fully functioning pendant. After this point, building your own pendant is your own personal creation.







There are eight different coins from you to select from for your personalized pendant. You do not need  to chose just one  coin and you can select as many as you like. The beauty in the coins are that you pick the ones that best exhibit who you most identify with and which statement you most want to make when wearing the necklace.

Take the Sparkling Shamrock Coin for instance. This is one of the more filled in coins so maybe someone who wants more emphasis placed on the center of the pendant will like this coin. The eyes are immediately drawn to the twirls in the center of the shamrock. They show a very whimsical nature, but yet it is still somewhat fancy and detailed.










Then, there is the Celtic Warrior Coin. This coin has a completely opposite feeling. The designs that are interwoven through the face of the coin are very strong and rugged depicting an almost sturdiness to the person who might choose this albeit even within a delicate format. The coin almost depicts what might be seen as battle scars, yet in a nicer design that could be worn with pride.










What is amazing about all of the coins is that they all have unique descriptions, yet you make the title all your own and what it means to you as an individual. For instance, many people could chose to wear the Trinity Passion Coin, but everyone has a different passion in life and this coin could come to symbolize something different for everyone.

These pendants are all truly special and may come to be cherished heirlooms for those who wear them and perhaps pass them down to their youngsters with a nice touching story of why they picked a certain token or coin. Which will yours be and why? We can’t wait to hear the stories.


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