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Can’t afford to go to Ireland? Bring it home!

Ok. So, you live on the U.S. East Coast and you yearn for a taste from Ireland. You glance through pictures from beautiful magazines and see romantic seascapes dotted with castles in the background.

It all looks so wonderful and idyllic which takes you to Kayak or another traveling website. Then, you realize a flight to Dublin is a few hundreds dollar more than what you have in your saving’s account right now. How do you cope with this wanderlust?

Well, you can gather your stagnantfile000897622187 energy from the daily grind and make something completely original, your own and Irish. Then you plan to serve it up to friends and family, all while keeping your feet firmly planted on your own turf. “How so?”, you ask.

Enter the poptail. Now, I know it is not as picturesque as sipping a Bailey’s while overlooking the Cliffs of Moher. (And I would actually suggest skipping the Bailey’s and all Irish Whiskeys while visiting the cliffs, but that is a story for another time.)

Today’s poptail are what popsicles have always been for little kids. They are frozen, colorful, refreshing and yummy! However, the big distinction is that the poptail is your favorite cocktail turned into a frozen treat. Please do not confuse these with your grape popsicles for the little ones btw.


Now, that you have the vision, it is important to decide what flavor to pursue. Irish Central has a great recipe for Irish coffee-flavored popsicles seen here. With only five ingredients and a nighttime to set, these pops will give the right kick to any informal summer gathering in the backyard.

If Irish coffee is not your favorite flavor, try another like a Bailey’s-infused treat. This Bailey’s poptail recipe is filled with dairy goodness, a smooth, yet creamy consistency and produces a great ally to the summer heat.

Once you have your frozen delicacy set, try uploading several panoramic photos from a site like Dave McManus. His picturesque views of the Irish seacoast, sunsets and countryside will help crave that yearning to escape, even when your schedule or budget won’t allow.file000668644339 Then take a seat back and put the scenic photos on autoplay while enjoying your homemade Irish poptails. You  can even put in some U2 of Enya to complete the feel. Trust me when I say you will feel like you are in Ireland without having even left your home.

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