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The Care and Christmas-ing of an Irish Mother

First, let’s be clear that every Irish mother is unique and what applies to one might not apply to another.  But speaking broadly, Christmas is a very, very big deal to Irish mothers.

They work hard to make the day special for everyone else – and don’t you forget it – and you want to make it special for her too.  Sure, your only thought when you see her wielding that wooden spoon in the kitchen is of how hard she works.  You just want to make her happy, to give her a really meaningful gift that she might have just the slightest temptation to show off to the other Irish mothers because you are her favorite subject to brag about.  So what might make her eyes light up, besides the sight of you at the front door… on time?


  • If you and your siblings want to do something really special for your mum this year, what about going in on a Mother’s Family Pendant with each child’s birthstone? Choose between a shamrock or trinity knot in the center with each birthstone in a Claddagh heart with a crown; the whole string of birthstones is held between two hands to complete the Claddagh theme.  It’s bright and colorful, and deeply sentimental.  And one generalization we can make about mothers is that as a rule, Irish or not, they are very sentimental about their children, no matter how old those children are.
  • Your mother is, no doubt, a strong woman. Only you know how much you tested her patience and endurance when you were growing up, but she was pretty much always a step ahead.  A St. Brigid’s Cross Pendant is a distinctive piece of jewelry that pays tribute to Ireland’s female patron saint, who was herself well about to take charge of things and get abbeys built.  It’s a fitting piece for a mother with the patience of a saint who loves Irish things.
  • She has a heart of gold and a warm smile for her loved ones. If your mother is a fun loving soul who just might have struggled to look stern when scolding you for some bit of mischief, a pair of delightful 10 Karat Gold Shamrock Earrings might be just she needs under the tree this Christmas.  The three leaves of this shamrock look very much like hearts, which is rather perfect for your mum, isn’t it?

This year and every year, your mother no doubt values the presence of her children more than any presents.  Here’s hoping you can celebrate together in a big, traditional Irish Christmas celebration with all the trimmings and that whatever is under the tree is her heart’s desire.  It’s great fun to pick out gifts for loved ones, but the real beauty of Christmas day is the love and the laughter, the unforgettable times together and the sense of being part of something so much bigger than one generation.


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