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How to Care for Your Crystals

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Our new collection featuring crystals from Swarovski® offers beautiful and dazzling pieces that most women will love. Most of us have never seen a brilliance comparable to Swarovski®. In fact, the moment when we open our package for the first time, it is likely to become a favorite. Wearing our jewelry for the initial time after that, is an even better memory.

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Photo courtesy of MorgueFile.

Much can be said for the first time a woman wears a new piece of jewelry. The item is special and oftentimes it is received as a symbol of something momentous. The piece might begin to take on the meaning of why it was given to someone so it is imperative to treat it well.  Why is it then, that oftentimes our latest jewelry begins to look lackluster or dull?

When this happens, we are taken back to that initial moment when we first got the piece and we remember how bright it once was. This can be a sad time, but it doesn’t have to be. Our jewelry might begin to look not-so-hot if we fail to properly maintain it. However, there are many ways to prevent that from occurring.

Ever see a movie where890 a woman wears her beautiful, diamond necklace to the pool? Well, don’t do that. For starters, it is unrealistic and secondly, it may damage your piece to where wearing it again won’t be possible.  Even the notion of cleaning one’s house while wearing a favorite piece is entirely unwise. Harsh chemicals in cleansers can be detrimental to your jewelry and especially to crystals.

Some women like to wear their jewelry to sleep. And even I have been guilty of that from time to time. However, if you want your accessories to last AND to look good, you must put them away in a secure spot every day.

Seen above is an absolutely gorgeous piece from Shanore made with Swarovski® crystals. The trinity pendent encrusted with Swarovski® crystals is sure to make any occasion a perfect one.

It may take more time, sacrifice and effort to maintain your crystals, but I assure you that the energy expended on preservation is well worth it. Taking the proper steps to care for crystals will ensure you a longevity that others will miss out on. The cost to you, as a customer, is minimal for a piece of jewelry that will give you a lifetime of wonderful memories.

There are some sensible ways to keep your Swarovski® crystals looking as good as new. Check them out here from Swarovski®.

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