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How to Carry Your Treasure at the Beach

Styling your jewelry on a day out at the Beach

Bridge leading to the Ocean
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Have you ever seen pictures of someone with lots of fashion sense? You see them and wherever they go, they always seem to have their outfit completely together.

Then, there is something which I will call an illusion of sorts. This is when you see of picture of someone at the beach wearing a bathing suit and they’ve paired it with incredible jewelry. On the one hand, it looks stunning. It is even to the point where you might question, “why didn’t I think of that?”


Chairs on the Beach
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There is a big difference between looking stunning and guarding your treasured pieces as they should be guarded. This is not to say that wearing jewelry to the beach is a complete no-no. If you are strolling on the beach, eating a meal, or not planning on entering the water, then wearing a significant piece of jewelry would be just fine.

Just don’r enter the water with anything you prize. Mother Nature rules the seas and in case you didn’t know, she is strong and forceful. You may enter the waves with a pretty pair of earrings and a killer engagement ring on, but emerge from the sea with one stud missing and even a ring that is no longer on your finger. This quickly urns a
wonderful day at the beach into an abysmal day.


There are many things to keep in mind when you
mix your beautiful 872ornaments with the great outdoors. Some other things to note are body products and storage.  If you possess a great necklace or pair of earrings like this Tree of Life Silver Pendent, you’ll need to make sure you don’t combine any perfumed or oily products near or with it. They can cause a chemical reaction and lead to your jewels tarnishing. Instead, if you are applying sunscreen or a oily lotion, do it before putting on any pieces and give your body plenty of time to absorb the contents so they don’t leak onto your accessories.


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If by chance you change your mind at the beach and decide to go for a dip, always take your precious items off before going in. They are too important to risk losing. Keep in mind the nature with which your ornaments are made and be sure to secure them in something made for fine metals. Get in the habit of carrying around a jewelry polishing cloth. They are made specifically for nice jewelry. When you decide you need a break from them, simply wrap your items inside the cloth and be sure to lock them in a secure location. This way, when you get back from the surf and sun, your parts will be waiting for you nearly just as perfect as they were when you left them.

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