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40 Shades of Romance

In February, we’re surrounded by every shade of pink and red for St. Valentine’s Day.  Pink and red hearts festoon cards and boxes of chocolates.  Florists sell out of red roses.  But what if your beloved just isn’t that into pink and red?  What if she has Irish roots and a strong preference for green?  […]

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February Birthdays Are All About Amethyst

February is a short month, but the days stretch out with a little more sun every day.  The first brave crocus flowers are pushing up to the surface, sometimes showing through the snow.  Their cheerful purple and yellow blossoms promise that spring is on the way.  February is a time for hope, and with St. […]

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3 Top Bridesmaid Trends for 2017

Trends come and go.  Most weddings are a mix of tradition and trend.  So what trends does this year hold for bridesmaids?  Here are three that are very likely to influence a lot of weddings this year and next.  If you’re planning a wedding, you might find some inspiration here.  But the main thing is […]

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3 Irresistible New Year’s Proposal Ideas

Are you thinking about popping the question while everyone is popping corks to welcome 2017?  New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are popular times to propose.  It makes sense.  Starting a new year gets people thinking about starting a new life.  We make resolutions, so why not take the idea further? Only you know […]

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Romantic Irish Jewelry for Christmas

Are you looking for something special for the lady you love?  What about Irish jewelry?  Iconic symbols such as the Claddagh and the trinity knot reflect the romance of Ireland.  Maybe you’re already married or maybe you’re nowhere near ready to consider that step.  Are you looking for something special and sparkly to brighten up […]

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Celtic Jewelry for the Man in Your Life

When you are casting about for a beautiful, meaningful Christmas present for the man in your life, it’s easy to overlook jewelry.  We see so much beautiful, delicate jewelry for women that it’s easy to forget there is also plenty of very masculine jewelry for men.  Men have always worn jewelry.  It isn’t a new […]

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