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What’s Precious to You?

What makes an object precious?  Is it merely its monetary value?  Its beauty?  Perhaps it is a combination of beauty and symbolism. We talk about precious metals and precious gems, but when we talk about precious objects in a museum what does it really mean?  The National Museum of Ireland contains many, many objects from […]

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What the Pope Can and Should Do

The Pope has been scrutinized by survivors and can feel the heat. What proclamation will redeem him? In the last several decades, stories of sexual abuse in Catholic Churches have come forward full throttle. Many people have finally told their stories of being mishandled at the hands of a clergyman. Sadly, most of these tales […]

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Shame Endured by Females Who Were Only Half Responsible

Two hundred years ago, if you were a female and you were unwed and pregnant, that could have been cataclysmic to your livelihood. Have the current times changed much for the better? Adoption is a beautiful thing. Today celebrities travel thousands of miles to places like Africa to adopt needy children. There almost seems to […]

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Homophobia Kills All People, Not Just LGBT

There’s been alot of talk going around after the slaying of nearly fifty people in Florida this weekend. Most people are horrified, upset and shocked at what has occurred. What are your thoughts? I am experiencing many emotions in regards to the shooting in Orlando. But, surprised sadly, isn’t really one of the things I’m […]

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