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Is Ireland Doing Enough for Magdalene Victims?

In a couple of weeks on the first of July, the Redress for Women Who Were Resident in Certain Institutions Act comes into effect in Ireland, providing healthcare (including counseling services) to women who survived their time in the Magdalene Laundries and are still living in Ireland. The Laundries were the Irish manifestation of Magdalene asylums, institutions run […]

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NO to Presidential Age Referendum: A Mistake?

In wake of the celebratory passing of the same-sex marriage referendum, many people have forgotten about that other referendum Ireland voted No to on the same day, one that would lower the age of eligibility for presidential candidacy from 35 to 21. Shane Lynn writes in The Irish Times that “tens of thousands of those inspired […]

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YES: Marriage Equality Comes to Ireland

Congratulations to Ireland, which has become the first country to legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote!   It will join twenty other countries that have legalized it across the nation.  I say “across the nation,” because it’s only legal in some areas in both Mexico and the United States.  Anyway, Ireland’s legalization is an important milestone in […]

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A 21-year-old for President of Ireland?

As I wrote a few weeks ago, Ireland is voting on an important referendum on 22 May to potentially legalize same-sex marriage.  However, citizens are also voting on another important referendum that day, one that would possibly lower the age at which people are eligible for presidential candidacy from 35 (as it also currently is in […]

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What the Marriage Referendum Means for Ireland

On 22 May, Ireland will be voting on whether or not to pass the Marriage Referendum, which would become the thirty-fourth amendment to the Irish Constitution.  So, what exactly would this amendment do?  If the referendum passes, it will be a huge victory in the fight for LGBTQ equality in Ireland.  It would have a similar […]

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The Eight Sacred Celtic Holidays of the Year

Celtic people stopped eight times a year to celebrate and honor their culture and history. Much of Ireland, and even the world, celebrates these sacred holidays today. Some native events include St. Brigid’s Day, which marks the beginning of spring and Lughnasa, which marks the beginning of harvest. Internationally celebrated is St. Patrick’s Day on […]

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