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Sparkle & Sentiment for Harry & Meghan

Nothing sparks joy like seeing a happy couple take the next step and get engaged.  The world is rejoicing along with Prince Harry and his beloved Meghan Markle, who recently ended much speculation when they announced their engagement. People love it when a woman finds her real-life prince, whether or not they’re going to live […]

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Celebrating December in Ireland

December brings an air of magic to Ireland. As the month goes on, business slows down as people prepare for the Christmas holiday. December is a time for family and loved ones. As the year winds down, our minds focus on what is really important – each other. Shoppers bustle down town and village streets […]

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Celebrating September in Ireland

September is back to school season in Ireland, like much of the rest of the world.  Children are donning their fresh new school uniforms and setting off every morning to learn English, Irish, history, geography, religion and maths. As the days get shorter, the nights are drawing in.  The weather is wetter and less predictable.  One […]

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An Irish Menu for Your Summer Wedding

We tend to think of Irish food as a lot of great stews and hearty dishes.  Maybe you’re planning an Irish theme for your summer wedding and worried about finding menu options that are both Irish and good for a warmer day.  Fear not.  Although we’re famous for rain, we do get just enough sunshine […]

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Keep the Wedding Bells Ringing

A lot of people think that wedding bells are only rung on your wedding day.  But an old Irish tradition says otherwise.  Ireland has two wedding bell traditions.  Church bells are rung, of course.  That started because people believed that the sound of bells scared off any evil spirits lurking around.  (You’ll have to provide […]

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Get Tempted by Tourmaline this October

Celebrate October birthdays with bright, brilliant colors to rival the autumn leaves.  October’s birthstone is tourmaline, a charming pink, and the flower is marigold, a joyful orange.  It’s the last month of the Celtic year, leading up to Samhain, aka Halloween.    October is a month of glorious color.  It isn’t winter yet.  It’s more […]

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