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Tips for Creating Your Wedding Invitations

Deciding who to invite to your wedding can be a very delicate matter involving complex negotiations. Thankfully, deciding how to invite them is a lot more fun. Your wedding invitations serve an obvious practical purpose. They tell your guests when and where your ceremony and reception will be, and they also provide a way for […]

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What’s the best time of year to get Married?

Many things influence when you chose to have your wedding, but did you know there is an old Irish verse predicting how the month of your wedding will affect your married life? June isn’t the only month to get married, and there are advantages and disadvantages to every month. If you don’t have a particular […]

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Where Would You Rather Spend Paddy’s Day?

Dublin hosts a massive festival with events over a few days, but it isn’t the only St. Patrick’s Day party around. Rural towns around the island offer a different kind of charm for our national holiday. Which is more your style? Ireland’s capital city puts on a dazzling celebration for our national holiday, St. Patrick’s […]

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The Politics of Flowers

Valentine’s and Easter mean it is time for flowers! Flowers are a language of their own, and that language has an Irish dialect that isn’t quite like the language of flowers in North America. Knowing your flowers can keep you out of trouble… especially if you’re planning to give them to someone Irish. We Irish […]

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Ireland Seems to Love Him, but Who Was St. Stephen?

In Ireland, St. Stephen’s Day is a holiday and St. Stephen’s Green is a beloved, popular Dublin park.  So who was Stephen? The second day of Christmas is December 26th, and in Ireland, we celebrate St. Stephen’s Day on that day.  Now, the customs such as hunting the wren and the straw costumes are more […]

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