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Celtic Jewelry for the Man in Your Life

Some of the best gifts for the man in your life is meaningful Jewelry

knot-ringWhen you are casting about for a beautiful, meaningful Christmas present for the man in your life, it’s easy to overlook jewelry.

We see so much beautiful, delicate jewelry for women that it’s easy to forget there is also plenty of very masculine jewelry for men.  Men have always worn jewelry.  It isn’t a new trend.  Jewelry for men is generally more solid and larger than jewelry for women.  If you are thinking about what to get your boyfriend, partner or husband, here are some suggestions for Celtic jewelry for him.

  • claddaghThe Claddagh Ring: This romantic ring is rich in symbolism. The hands represent friendship.  The heart is for love.  And the crown symbolizes loyalty.  Some people use Claddagh rings as wedding rings, but they are also given as tokens of friendship and love.  If the ring is worn with the point of the heart facing out, it indicates that the man is single.  Worn with the heart pointing in, it says he might not be married, but he isn’t available.  Men’s Claddagh rings come in silver or gold.  They are usually a bit thicker than women’s Claddagh rings.
  • cross-ringCeltic Rings: Celtic rings for men feature strong designs with significant meaning. The Celtic cross is a perennially popular design. Shanore’s gent’s ring features a cross with four evenly sized arms and the traditional ring symbolizing eternity.  Each of the four arms of the cross has a trinity knot.  It makes a strong statement of faith and heritage.  Knot work is a classic Celtic motif, and Shanore’s men’s knot work ring is a gorgeous example.  It’s a ring that would look right at home on the hand of any of Ireland’s legendary hero warriors.  Both of these rings are crafted with sterling silver.strength bead
  • braceletBracelets for Men: Is the man in your life fashion conscious?  Has he noticed that men are wearing bracelets and looking great in them?  If so, you can create a truly personal gift for him with Tara’s Diary.  Men’s bracelets are larger than women’s.    Women’s bracelets are usually 7 inches, while the standard size for men’s is 8 inches.  Tara’s Diary offers leather and sterling silver bracelets in 7, 7.75 and 8.5 inch lengths.  You can choose from a huge assortment of beads for the bracelet including knot work, trinity knot, iconic locations such as the Cliffs of Moher and Newgrange, and even a pint of stout.  Taking the time to create a bracelet just for him featuring his favorite Irish symbols and motifs really shows how much you care.

pintChristmas ads are full of women looking overjoyed as they open tiny jewelry boxes beside the Christmas tree.  Doesn’t it stand to reason that men would be equally delighted to receive some beautiful, meaningful jewelry that represents their heritage and style?  Jewelry has always been a romantic gift, and men’s jewelry is no less romantic than women’s.  If you really want to wow him this Christmas, why not give him some handsome Celtic jewelry?

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