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A Celtic Ring Mount for a Treasured Stone

Something old and something new.  Have you considered that your engagement ring could be both your something old and your something new if it is a new ring mount featuring a treasured stone you already have?

While some people are perfectly happy with a plain gold wedding band, have you ever heard a woman say she’d like a basic, garden variety engagement ring pretty much like everyone else’s?  It isn’t about how big and bling it is; it’s about it being special, having meaning.  If you are looking for Celtic bridal ideas, having your own stone set in a ring is one way to create an engagement ring that is truly unique and rich in meaning and symbolism. You can purchase the ring band with a setting all ready for your jeweler to set your precious stone in it; this is known as a ring mount.

ring-mounts-from-shanoreCeltic ring mounts are one of ShanOre’s most popular products.  You can choose from gold, white gold or a combination of the two.  Claddagh and trinity knot designs are popular styles for gold or silver Irish wedding bands, and are available as ring mounts.  While ShanOre carries a dazzling variety of gorgeous engagement rings, if you already have a stone with a history and sentimental value, maybe those aren’t for you.  Maybe a ring mount with a Celtic design would be the ideal setting for your stone so you can create the most perfect engagement ring.

Something Old, Something New

Maybe you found a gorgeous stone while travelling in some exciting corner of the world and have had it in mind for an engagement ring, just waiting until the time was right.  Maybe your mother or grandmother has passed down her own engagement ring to you, and an Irish ring mount would be the perfect new setting for the diamond in it.  Whether you have a loose stone or one in a setting that isn’t quite what you want, you can find a stunning ring mount to be the ‘something new’ to its ‘something old’.

Claddagh celtic solitaire Mount Only 14k yellow and white gold ring round cutWhen you purchase a Celtic ring mount from ShanOre, you specify the size and shape of the stone you will have added to it by a local jeweler.  Our ring mounts can accommodate round or princess cut stones.  When you receive your band, you can then bring it to a trusted local jeweler who can set your own stone securely in the setting for your own unique engagement ring.  If your stone is already set in another piece of jewelry, do not attempt to remove it yourself.  Your local jeweler will have the expertise and specialist tools to do this without damaging your gem.

Celtic Mount only ring 14k yellow and white gold for princess cut diamondCombining a precious gem with a special history and a gorgeous, high quality Irish ring band is a beautiful way to bring something old and something new together for an engagement ring that will sit beautifully with gold or silver Irish wedding bands or plain gold rings.  It symbolizes the history and heritage you both bring to your marriage.  Celtic bridal ideas are very popular, and this is a creative way to bring your heritage to marriage.

Create your own unique engagement ring that really reflects you with a strong, stunning  mount from ShanOre.

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