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Celtic Wedding Rings that Say More

Wedding rings are a very traditional symbol of the commitment of marriage.  Wearing a ring tells everyone you meet that you have made a decision to spend your life with your beloved.  It’s such a universally recognized symbol that some single women wear a gold band on occasions when they want to be left alone by men who might approach them.  Some couples are perfectly happy with the plain gold band they see as a traditional wedding ring.  And that’s fine… for them.

Other couples want to exchange rings with more of a message, rings that speak to their unique love for each other and for Celtic heritage.  If you are looking for alternative wedding rings that are deeply rooted in tradition, here are a few options that might speak to your hearts.

Mo Anam Cara

Shanore’s newest design captures the spirit of true love.  Mo Anam Cara. My soulmate.  That’s who you are marrying, and seeing it on your wedding rings every day is a beautiful reminder of how deep your love runs.  Over the years to come, you’ll no doubt manage to annoy each other.  That’s life.  But through it all, what matters is remembering why you are together.  Our ring features those beautiful Irish words as well as a trinity knot.  This design makes for Irish wedding rings that say it perfectly.

The Cladddagh

This is a classic design for wedding rings with a very romantic back story.  It was designed by an Irishman who was captured at sea and spent years in servitude to a goldsmith.  He returned to the Claddagh village in Galway and presented this ring to his true love, who had waited for him despite having no idea if he would return.  The heart is for love, the hands for friendship and the crown for loyalty.  A marriage needs those three things for a couple to find joy together.  Shanore offers many variations on the Claddagh wedding ring theme, so you are sure to find the one for you.

Celtic Knotwork

Every Celtic knotwork design has one thing in common.  The knot, whether complex or simple, has no beginning or end.  That is because Celtic knots symbolize eternity.  Do you feel like you’ve always known each other, always been meant for each other? Are your souls entwined for eternity?  The trinity knot is a popular choice for Celtic wedding rings.  The three points have many meanings.  They can represent the Christian trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit or stand for the past, present and future.  Other Celtic knot designs for wedding rings include knots shaped like hearts, braided or interlaced patterns and intricate, intriguing knots.

If you are looking for something more distinctive and individual than the plain gold band, Celtic wedding rings are a beautiful alternative that is also deeply traditional.   Irish wedding rings range from gold bands with trinity knots to complex knots, from the Claddagh to the newest Mo Anam Cara that literally spells out how you feel.

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