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Charming Celtic Stocking Stuffers

A few stocking stuffings to make this Christmas extra special

You are never too young to start becoming a jewelry collector or aficionado of jewelry. In fact, here at Shanore, we encourage the tradition of liking special jewelry in our youngsters. That is why we have our Little Miss line of charms, for necklaces, bracelets and even for shoes!

What can start as an innocent gift can grow into a deep appreciation of Irish and Celtic tradition expressed in wearing lovely jewelry as the years go on and as your young lady grows up. In fact, that is what we would consider ideal.

Silver Enamel Shamrock Cat Bead Td227

Silver Enamel Shamrock Dog Bead Td228






Why not start this Christmas by giving your Little Miss a perfect stocking stuffer? If she is a dancer, like so many girls are, she will love the Silver Enamel Snowman Beador the Silver Claddagh Irish Dancer Bead. These charms also come in green. We don’t make these charms for adults, so this is a memory that your little one will carry on with them always in photographs and with friends.

What else do little girls love, but purses and rainbows and we have both! We have an adorable Green Enamel Shamrock Love Beadwith a diamond as well as several charms to pick from. What we love here is the selection and we have that in our Little Miss collection. Little girls our so different and have such different tastes and interests. If you have more than one to shop for, you can get a different style for each one or a different color. Also, girls of different ages like different symbols.

Older girls might like the sophistication of the Silver Crystal Set Trinity Knot Pendant. It looks like something that would be very appropriate for the Little Miss who is coming of age. We also have the Open Shamrock Necklace Embellished With Swarovski Crystals for the older and maybe more responsible youngsters that you have been running around the house this holiday season.

Whatever your holiday needs are this year for your youngest girls, I’m sure you will find that we have such a wide array of products to chose from that are sure to please even the most discerning of little misses in your kin this holiday season!