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For Christmas or New Year’s – and for Better or Worse

In the Christmas season, the focus shifts to families and children.  If you’ve found the person you want to join your family and maybe start a new family of your own with, you might be wondering about the best time to pop the question.  It sounds very romantic to put a sparkling engagement ring in a Christmas stocking or a glass of bubbly on New Year’s Eve, but a proposal demands more than just a stunning ring and a declaration of love.  It requires some planning.

engagement2You want to be very sure that your holiday proposal is met with a joyful yes and does not become a memory of awkwardness or embarrassment.  So you need to do the same thing you do before you set out to buy the perfect Christmas present.  You need to hint around and listen carefully.  A marriage proposal can be a surprise, but the thought of getting married to you shouldn’t be a shock.  Don’t rush things.  Take time to talk about what you both want in your future.  If your visions of the years to come are similar, gently raise the topic of being together down the road, of being married.  Only when you’ve talked about this enough to feel confident of getting a ‘yes’ should you start planning your actual proposal, what you want to say, where and when.

Remember, you won’t just be marrying a lone person.  You’ll be marrying into an extended family and social circle of friends, and family is hugely important in Irish and Irish American culture.  If you have problems with anyone close to your partner, including pets, try to work those out before proposing.  If your sweetie has Irish heritage or loves Irish culture, an engagement ring with an Irish design can reflect your love of her roots and interests.

engagement1It’s wonderful to pull out a gorgeous engagement ring when you propose, but here’s another area to tread carefully.  Again, it’s like Christmas shopping.  Try get your partner to talk about her dream ring.  It’s no harm to let her catch you looking at rings online.  The thing is, it is fine for her to suspect or even know you are planning to propose.  It’s the actual moment that should be a surprise.  The anticipation is delicious.  Some women will say clearly that they want to pick their ring, while others genuinely want the ring to be a surprise.

A Christmas or New Year’s proposal can be the most romantic thing on earth, but do treat that ring with respect and avoid any situation that could become a choking hazard.  Do not hide the ring in food or drink!  Don’t put it anywhere it could be accidentally thrown away.  (It will take many years for that turn into a funny story!)  It’s best to keep the ring in your sight at all times.  But you can put it in a stocking, tie it to a piece of mistletoe with ribbon or put it in a Christmas ornament that is designed to open and hold something.

Marriage proposals are a very special moment, and if a relationship is heading that way, a proposal is a wonderful way to end or a start the year.


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