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Stage 3: Setting phase of Trinity Knot Celtic Engagement ring

Shanore’s master craftsman, Donal works on setting the diamond into the base of a Celtic Trinity Knot engagement ring.

The third stage of the Celtic engagement ring manufacturing process is the setting phase.

Donal the setter, first measures the diamond size. The mount is adjusted to suit the size
of the diamond. When he is happy the fit is correct, he inserts the diamond and pushes the prongs over the surface.

This is a delicate operation as Donal must maintain a level position for the diamond. To achieve this, he will push each claw bit by bit. He will start with one claw and move down to the claw in the opposite position.

When all the claws are down securely, each prong is individually filed to ensure there is no gap between it and the diamond. They are then rounded up.

The next and last stage is the polishing stage.

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