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Cooking with the New Guinness

The new Guinness adventure in Maryland

10 Karat Gold Shamrock Diamond Set PendantDiego, the company that owns the Guinness brand, is poised to open a new Guinness brewery in Maryland sometime this year.

But it won’t be brewing the traditional Guinness stout there.  Instead, it will be making Guinness Blond and Guinness IPA.  Is this a sacrilege or just the normal course of cultural evolution for the diaspora?  After all, many aspects of Irish culture have changed in the generations of Irish diaspora born and raised outside of Ireland.  St. Patrick’s Day parades started in the USA, and now they happen in every city and town in Ireland.  Irish-Americans now come to Ireland for the parades.  So will these brews crafted to please Irish-American palates eventually become popular in the land of stout?  Time will tell.

One thing that sets stout apart is that we love to cook with it.  You can find recipes for everything from beef stew to cakes made with Guinness stout online or in your granny’s handwritten cookbook.  Cooking with stout is old school.  But what about other types of Guinness?  While the official Guinness site isn’t promoting any recipes with their Blonde or IPA brews yet, that isn’t slowing anyone down.  People who love to cook often love to experiment in the kitchen.  Creative cooks are busy devising recipes with the two Guinness beers that will be brewed in the USA when the Maryland plant starts production.

New Recipes for New Irish Cooking

WhatTree Of Life Trinity Necklace Sp2093Cz’s more traditional than bangers and mash?  Americans might need that translated: it’s sausage and mashed potato.  This dish has been a staple in Irish kitchens for generations.  One Irish-American blogger decided to update it with Guinness Blonde.  MaryAnne at The Beach House Kitchen is an Irish-American who loves to cook.  Bangers and mash with Guinness onion gravy is a tradition at her house, and she reports that making it with Guinness Blonde worked a treat.  Visit her blog The Beach House Kitchen to learn how she does it.

Beer and beef are a match made in heaven, according to meat eaters around Ireland.  So it is no surprise that two more successful recipes with these new brews feature beef.  Lyuba at the Will Cook for Smiles blog tried Guinness Blonde in her Irish burger recipe and found it was delicious.  She explains that the lighter flavour of an ale didn’t drown out the taste of the beef and onions.  You can find her Irish beer burger recipe at her blog Will Cook for Smiles.

Guinness sponsored Linda at Giggles, Gobbles and Gulps to try using their blonde ale in a recipe. And she decided to go for a marinated steak with tomatoes.  This is a great recipe for summer because the steak is cooked on the grill.  If you want to try Linda’s beer marinated flat iron steak with tomatoes, check out her blog Giggles, Gobbles and Gulps.

Do you have a tried and true Irish recipe for cooking with stout?  Are you going to try using one of the newer Guinness beers in your recipes?

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