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Create A Christmas Covered in Crystal

What are the advantages of using crystals this Christmas? Read on to find out more!

This Christmas season, you will get to choose your decorations. The great fun in this is that everyone has different likes and tastes. Sometimes people cover their homes in bright lights and tinsel. While other times, we see an abudnance of garland or mistletoe on a home. However, one unique and quite clarfiying decor is a crystal theme. When you decide to go all out in this style, expect a response that is quite unprecedented.

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Photo courtesy of MorgueFile.
This lovely pendant is rich with green color and also Irish symbolism.

Why is that? Well, unlike other Chritsmas styles, crystals bring with them an added power behind their beauty and prisms. Crystals are clear for one thing and they are also intricate and heavy. They require gentleness and delicacy to appreciate their grace and charm. Rough-handling of crystals will likely result in them breaking, so those who appreciate them the most, know to be very careful with their placements.

Like snow and ice, crystals symbolize the season of winter and along with that, the cold weather. They appear and actually crystalize from the extremes in temperatures. Also, they have

Dazzling green and white crystals pack a punch with this decorative pendant. They are complimented by a quality, sterling silver.

long since been a symbol of healing and spirituality to the people who use them.

870Wearing crystals in no different than displaying them as decoration. We here at Shanore not only use crystals in many of our designs, but we use the best which are Swarovski® crystals. These prestigious gems have been manufactured for over a century. Their quality is unparalleled to anything else you might find.

When gifting this holiday season, consider the craftsmanship and rare  elegance which come from Swarovski® crystal products. We have combined angels, shamrocks and other classic Irish symbols with the seldom seen refinement of Swarovski crystals®.

They come in an array of colors and are furnished on many of our different pieces. You are sure to find at least one style and color that would make your beloved very happy. The connection they feel to the crystals will just be seen as a bonus as wearing the crystals themselves will build an added sense of harmony and peace.


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