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Dad Style from the Ancient Celts to Now

Does your dad wear his love of Ireland on his sleeve? He isn’t the first. From pre-Christian times to now, Irish men have had their own fashion sense. Archaeologists have identified jewelry and adornments for men dating back from the time of the ancient Celts. Once upon a time, men were the ones who wore leggings and cloaks, and they used some very ornate broaches and buttons to hold their outfits together before the days of zippers and snaps.

These clothing fasteners were more than just functional details. Celtic men used them to make a fashion statement. In fact they had laws prescribing what men of different statuses could wear. Gold brooches were reserved for the sons of kings of provinces, while sons of kings of smaller kingdoms wore silver ones. They laced their leggings on with laces tipped in white bronze, and the tips hung down so they could be seen.

Today, we think of Irish menswear as being tweed in soft neutral hues. But our ancient forefathers loved bright colors. In fact, they loved wearing many different bright colors together, which might explain some golf outfits. The current trends in stylish hipster beards also have some foreshadowing in ancient Ireland, where men wore elaborate hairstyles during some periods in history.

Gifts for Stylish Irish Dads Today

With Father’s Day on the horizon, many of us are scratching our heads about what to get the first man in our lives. We think of jewelry quickly enough for Mother’s Day, but why not for fathers too? If your dad loves his Celtic roots or is fond of Irish culture, he might enjoy some jewelry that reflects that. And you have options a bit more up to date than a brooch to fasten his cloak. Two popular gifts for dads are Claddagh and Celtic rings and Celtic cross necklaces.

Rings are a simple and classic addition to any man’s wardrobe. The Claddagh design is rich in meaning symbolizing love, loyalty and friendship. While the first one was a wedding ring, they have been exchanged between friends for centuries. On dad’s right hand, a Claddagh ring is just a nice piece of gent’s jewelry. Celtic designs are intriguing and intricate. If dad has a Celtic knotwork tattoo, a ring is a nice complement. If he doesn’t like tattoos, a ring is a great way to wear the design when he wants.

A Celtic cross necklace is another great way to show Dad you love him while letting him show the world he loves Ireland. Celtic crosses are so distinctive with the circle around the intersection of the two parts. The Celtic crosses dotted around the Irish countryside feature engraved images that tell a story, and we’ve carried on the tradition by incorporating other symbols in these two unisex Celtic cross necklaces. One features the Tree of Life, while the other includes the Claddagh symbol.

This Father’s Day, why not give your dad something beautiful that honors his Celtic connections?

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