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How to Be a Dapper Lad

This summer the style is not just about the ladies. The fellas out there have much to think about when it comes to sprucing up their wardrobes. I do realize men are a bit more limited in their ability to accessorize, but have no fear! That’s why it helps to have a wise female to guide the way!

First off, never underestimate the statement a great hat can be for a guy. I acknowledge that often men wear hats because they would rather not mess with their hair and sometimes putting a cap on is just a way of avoiding their bouffant. However, if you are going to do that, then at least make sure the cover you put on your head is a stylish one!

belfry-streetcabana_natural_2Try a style like these found on Hats in the Belfry. You luck out in your ability to pick a hat based on shape like a fedora or safari. The hat shown below is known as the Belfry Street Cabana Boy. This fedora is airy, off-white and made of straw. It is ideal for hot summer weather and keeping a cool body temp while outside getting some sunshine.

Even better is that you can make the hat you wear all about you. If you are more of a colorful person, then pick a hat with a pop of your favorite hue. At least this way, if you are low maintenance on your hair, you will make the hat you put on appear more purposeful and hip.

And while going for a touch of panache, why not pick one other area that you want to make truly yours. This can give a guy plenty of leeway. Whether you are a computer guy and want to carry around a cool, new laptop pack or you are more of a detail’s guy, only you can truly answer that. Try adding your own kind of special money clip or chic belt depending on your preferences. has a selection of sophisticated-looking clips and trendy belts. Check out their braided cloth and leather belt below, as well as, their money clips with colored carbon inlays.










Finally, nothing would be sweeter than to top this look off with your favorite piece of jewelry. That’s right! For men everywhere, we know how you like things to be as simple as possible, so one ring for all purposes should do the trick. This Silver Gents ring is representative of a detailed and thoughtful design.

Gent Silver Celtic Knot Wedding Ring Sd11








If Celtic history is important to you, than definitely get yourself a ring as nice as this. Pairing it with any outfit, whether it is high fashion or casual will not matter. It will be your staple piece no matter and wherever you wear it!

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