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The Dark Hedges: A Photographer’s Dream

One of Ireland’s most mysterious and beautiful parts is often ignored by visitors. A row of beech trees that lie on either side of Bregagh Road near Ballymoney in County Antrim, known as “The Dark Hedges,” is one of Ireland’s truly gorgeous natural sites. Planted over 200 years ago, the trees were meant to add to the splendor of Gracehill House, a mansion owned by the Stuart Family. But what is more impressive is the gardener who decided on the trees. Today, they are seen in their full grace and vitality, but they take so long to grow the gardener wouldn’t have seen them in his lifetime. But beware of the grey lady when you are snapping your photos. She is said to haunt the avenue by night, hoping for someone to find her unmarked grave.

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The Dark Hedges: A Photographer’s Dream | A Trip to Ireland.

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