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Dazzling Diamond Designs for your Ears

It is getting to be that time of year again! For those who like to start early with their Christmas shopping it’s a great idea to get in on some gifts that have diamonds. Contrary to belief, not all diamonds have to be super expensive or flashy. In fact, they can be worn to business gatherings, churches, social occasions and parties that are abundant in the next few months. A gift of an earring with a pleasantly placed diamond would come as a much enchanting surprise and what better way to say, “I love you,” to the one you adore.

Silver and diamonds look absolutely exquisite when put together and pull off the mostCladdagh Stone Set Silver Earrings Se2071Cz eloquent presentation for the holidays. It is a pair that simply can not go wrong! If you are shopping for your best friend, consider the Silver Diamond Set Claddagh Earrings which symbolize loyalty and friendship. These earrings will last as long as your friendship has and even longer.

If you are shopping for a more romantic purpose, consider the Silver Celtic Design Diamond Earrings or the Celtic Trinity Diamond Earrings. These two sets of earrings each offer a beautiful design that shows the delicateness of the Trinity knot in an earring dangle as well as the intrinsic beauty of the interwoven pattern.

Creativity is the key in the design process at Shanore and our earrings are no exception. Although, the symbols may be recognizable like the Trinity Knot, the Claddagh or even the Shamrock, you will see how it is in the unique craftsmanship that these earrings look so unique and detailed and unlike any other. It is that detail that makes them so much more worthwhile than any other piece found elsewhere.

Celtic Trinity Knot Diamond Earrings Se2023Each stone is put in it’s place individually by hand, so it makes it even more clearer that when you begin to envision the right gift for someone you cherish this holiday season you’ll want that much more attention and affection to go into the process as well.

This holiday season put as much thought process into the gift you’ll be giving your loved ones as we do into the craftsmanship of our diamond earrings at Shanore. Once you narrow down your selection the hard part is over, we’ll take it from there and then you get to enjoy the rest of it watching your pride and joy open their gifts with relish and surprise or better yet wearing them to all of the wonderment and occasions in the years to come.



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