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A Complimentary Pair

Ireland has a history of producing incredible talent, but what one may have never have realized is what amazing fashion designers inhabit the Emerald Isle.

Marion Murphy Cooney is one such designer who has been in the fashion industry for nearly nine years. She was born into it. Marion’s parents were both artists.  When looking at her style it is very classic and sophisticated, not one run down with the latest trends. I would say that stately people would be the ones lining up for her duds whether for weddings or A-list events, but definitely top caliber outings. She also designs softer feminine pieces that can be worn to less notable occasions.


If Susannagh Grogan knows one thing, it is the art of picking one thing and making it exceptional and she has done this with her scarf designs.  Susannagh got her start in London studying design in Chelsea and from there she went on to many big cities throughout the U.S. and Europe to work with some big name designers.  She has spent over a decade perfecting her art form and it shows in the quality of her work.  Her scarfs are created for those people who appreciate accessories and who truly love the feel of a silk scarf to go with their ensemble.  Susannagh’s patterns mix very vibrant and energetic colors to outfits in very appealing ways.

Another Irish designer who has taken one item to perfection is Aoife Kirwan who makes very unique and one of a kind hats.  Aoife is originally from Dublin and then went on to study fashion in London. All of these designers use painstaking methods to create their masterpieces, but none more so than Aoife who makes all of her hats by hand using millinery techniques. What is also special about her craft are the numerous materials at her disposal from your typical materials like silks and velvets to more unusual materials like curled feathers, furs and beads.

Finally, another exceptional Irish designer is Jennifer Rothwell. Jennifer has over twenty years experience in the fashion world and has been employed with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry such as Calvin Klein.  She has received numerous awards as an Irish designer and businesswoman and is highly admired by her peers and locals.  Since she has had much more success and experience, it is seen and ever more apparent in her designs which take on such multi faceted styles. She caters to both trendy and savvy sophisticates alike.

After perusing some of these lovely Irish artists and their designs, you will soon see how truly splendid their fashions are when it comes to Irish influence and culture and how much a relationship with ShanOre jewelry can make such a complimentary pair when styling your outfits.

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