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A Diamond Battle

We hope that you never have to do battle over a diamond ring. I can promise it will never be pretty, it is surely unladylike and is definitely not a fitting sight. However in today’s world, it is not unheard of that people undermine those with even the best intentions. Although, wouldn’t we all wish that every love story unfolded like a fairy tale, sometimes certain tales have ended up resembling a disaster. I find myself wondering why that is.

We would all love that the diamonds easily appear after a perfect courtship, but life happens and actually quite often many relationships aren’t without their dings and high waves before sailing home free.

The famous Battle of the Diamond is such a perfect contrast in Irish history because it indeed involved a secret plot which culminated in violence.  Many people perished in the altercation. It got me to think about how such a precious stone got attributed to such a horrible encounter. It seemed unfortunate. It is also unlucky how sometimes battles are fought over actual priceless stones.










This is not to cast a surly, sad or heaven forbid, pessimistic view of love and beautiful wedding or engagement rings. Quite the contrary. If anything, I root for the lovers and dreamers and the ones who want to be happy in this world. As painfully aware as I am to say things like this do occur, it seems to be doing a service to be able to say, “don’t let it ruin your bliss and you will succeed with your love.”

We won’t have to wonder why the seemingly happy couple that had the perfect chemistry didn’t make it. We all know the unfortunate truths in this world and that is that sometimes other people will sabotage and hurt those that they don’t want to see happy.Worse is when they succeed in splitting apart those people. We often see stories like this in the news. Each times it happens, I keep pulling for good over evil.

I truly cannot answer what motivates people in these circumstances as I am one if I see a happy couple I will send positivity and happiness their way. I find it hard to fathom those who want to injure young or old love. What I can also say is that not everyone is as good natured as myself. If I have anything to offer as advice to those who are embarking on journeys young or old, lasting or new it is this, “don’t let anyone sway you from your course. Don’t let anyone turn you away from what it is you feel on the inside about the one who you are with.” Sometimes it is best to trust only yourself and with that advice in mind, I can almost guarantee, you will never have to do a battle over a diamond.

For those lovers out there young and old, this is a perfect representation of a lasting ring for your union. The claddagh Celtic solitaire diamond 14k white gold engagement ring in a princess cut will show your future fiancee and the world how sure you are about your choice and how no battle will deter you from that revelation. Princess cut rings are one of the most popular cuts for rings and this is truly an ideal example. It also has Celtic and claddagh symbols which further display the integrity of Ireland and the affinity held for your relationship and the focus for it to last forever.



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